January 17, 2014

Five on Friday

Hooray for Fridays! This week has been pretty decent and I'm excited to share my five things!

 Who can resist this precious face?! My nephew Evan was all smiles after his bath, but what is up with the modeling poses? It's like he knows how to draw the people in. I'm telling you. He's a professional model in the making and I can't wait to go to New York with him, and then Milan, and Paris. I've got big plans for this dude.

During my recent reviewing of BB, CC and DD creams for my upcoming beauty article, I fell in love. No, not with a boy, as E has my heart (swoon), but with the newly introduced DD cream. Have you ever heard of this before? I knew off BB creams, and Smashbox is by far my favorite. CC creams I'm okay with, but this DD cream is the new love of my makeup life! Now that I've graduated my 20's, a girl's gotta get on it with the anti-aging approach. My DNA can't do all the work. This DD cream by
Julep has all the benefits of the BB and CC creams combined, but adds the ingredients to help with anti-aging. Read again: IN L-O-V-E.

Received a beautiful wrap bracelet from my lovely HR lady. I swear, I genuinely love my job, and I love the people I work with, but when someone does something extra thoughtful, you just can't help but smile and feel just a little more excited about going to work. You know you're valued.

Tomorrow is a bridal shower for one of my very best friends. I have been overjoyed with helping her plan her future wedding. Her and her fiancĂ© have gone through a lot of things in their relationship. Mostly that of losing loved ones to sudden illness, losing friendships with jealous people and leaping over many barriers to get their ideal dream house and all while balancing the rest of what life gives them (good and bad) and keeping each other very happy, and let me just tell you, this couple has that "it" factor many wish for. I love them and can't wait to celebrate this beautiful bride tomorrow, and look forward to the exciting events that will follow.

My five is a bit more personal.. I just want to grab a bit of downtime to just be Lisa. I plan on doing that this weekend. When, is a different story, but I will do it. It's my weekend promise to myself. :)

I'm new to this Five on Friday sharing fun, so I want to extend a big thank you to the girls that host this event: DarciAprilChristina, & Natasha

From lil ol' me, to all of you, thank you! <3

Have a great weekend!