April 29, 2019

Hiking: Eaton Canyon

This past Sunday, I visited an old favorite—Eaton Canyon. The trail is a 3.5 miles round trip, and is best suited for those who enjoy agility training as it includes crossing back and forth over a stream, and hurdling over rocks and logs. I absolutely love it! The only downfall is the crowd. If you’re a fast walker or athletic at minimum, start your hike early (between 6am-8:30am) otherwise you run the risk of getting stuck behind slower or inexperienced trekkers. 

Also, where the appropriate shoes. It’s best to wear hiking or trail running shoes with enough traction to keep you from slipping off rocks. Bonus if your shoes are waterproof! 

As for any additional essentials, it’s always a good idea to carry  a bottle of water, and to apply sunblock and bug spray before you head out on the trail. 

For those with any previous or current leg injuries, not in good health, or have poor balance, I would avoid this hike as you wouldn’t want to further injure yourself. However, if you’re athletic and have a brave heart to take on the challenge, then by all means! Enjoy! 

April 24, 2019

Simply Glowing: Water Lantern Festival 2019

This past Saturday, I attended the Water Lantern festival.

Hosted by One World LLC., the water lantern festival is a traveling event that plants its stakes into different locations throughout the United States, and is expanding. 

My ticket (presale) was only $25 this year, and well worth the enjoyment and chill vibes felt through the evening air. Strangers were kind, inviting and relaxed. Volunteers and staff of the event were excited to have you, like a long time friend waiting for your arrival to their party.

The event had music, games, food trucks and street vendors selling glow sticks and other fun souvenirs.

The Water Lantern’s guided host counted down the evening’s agenda to the crowd as the time approached the latern launch, and let’s just say, people were full of emotion. As you can decorate each latern to your own choice of words, images or quotes, many were in tears to remember a loved one, or filled with excitement to set intentions for the future. The takeback was rewarding as the feeling of solitude washed over the crowd as they watched their words drift on the water in a warming glow. 

I cherished this evening, and would definitely recommend it to new timers. Go alone, go with friends, family, your boyfriend, girlfriend, or kids, but at least try it, once. It’s definitely a heart-warming experience. 

January 27, 2018

IMATS Los Angeles Recap! 2018

 International Makeup Artist Tradeshow (IMATS) 2018!

Hi All! If you've been reading my blog for a while, first of all, THANK YOU, and secondly, welcome back! It will be no surprise to you that I'm sharing about my recent visit to the IMATS this year. 

It was another fun excursion to see bodies painted, artists at work, and a slew of makeup goodies ready to be purchased. If you love makeup, these shows can be pricey, mainly due to the shopping! But oh, so worth it! There are a ton of booths packed with amazing deals, new product launches and seasonal items you'll want to grab before they hit store shelves and websites. 

Moving on to the fun stuff! I stopped at Kat Von D's booth and grabbed some staples -- I love her Ink Liner and studded kiss lipsticks! The Ink Liner is by far the easiest  liner to apply. If you haven't already tried it, I'd suggest picking up a travel version at local beauty stores. CoverFx is another favorite of mine. They have great primers for soothing sensitive skin, oil, dry, you name it, they have something that will work for you. I snagged some cute glosses for lippies,  eyelashes from Koko Lashes and House of Lashes; Model in a Bottle setting spray, Miss Adoro mermaid brushes, L.A. Girl concealer and blush, Lime Crime treats and more! 

With all the eye candy happening around you and friendly fellow artist to interact with, it was tough to catch all the demos and interview panels, but I did snap some fun photos of up and coming makeup artist and established professionals who were strutting their stuff throughout the convention center. 

 In addition to fun body painting artist, I had the pleasure of meeting BrowQueen Kelley Baker, who is so down to earth, you'd swear she was your best friend since junior high! Love you Kelley! Her brow tutorials can be found online and on Instagram of course, and she now sells these awesome brow kits to make anyone an instant brow pro!

 MAC Pro artist Lyndrell dazzled my cheeks with a fun new highlighter called Show Gold! Lyndrell is based out of Hollywood and is an incredible artist. Find her also on Instagram @makeupbylyndie or visit her store. Super kind girl with a heart that radiates through her personality.  Oh, and she loves glitter! We were instant best friends!

...and lastly was Taylor! This cutie is only in her early 20s and already doing big things! She was working at the Lime Crime booth showing off her new look of the day. Taylor has a really cool portfolio and an eclectic style. She's doing big things with her life, and is ready to share her knowledge with the world. Can't wait to see more of your success, Taylor! Follow her @TaylorSteingold 

As my two-day trip was winding down, I have to say it was better than last year. I think the difference was the people. The beauty industry can be known as vain and harsh, many critics and those who want to compete, but with a world this big, there's room for all of us to succeed and this year's show confirmed it with all the great artist and industry personnel I had the pleasure of meeting and sharing in conversation with. You are all great and I can't wait to see you all continue to excel in your craft. Thank you for inspiring me and giving me some amazing words of wisdom and memories to hold onto. 

Until next time, IMATS! <3