September 16, 2013

Girl Time with Studs


Super Sweet
Swiftly introducing you into my world of fashion sense, I have been on hold for quite some time in regards to purchasing any new items of clothing, shoes or (gasp!) handbags. The reason? Saving up for a new car. I've had the same purple 2-door (yes, purple, a.k.a. my favorite color), since my first year in college. My sweet car is on its last leg, er, wheel, and far past a tune-up or oil change. Hence the spending hiatus.

In the meantime while working my anything but ordinary, wonderful job as a marketing coordinator in the field of outdoor and lifestyle products, I also have the luxury of working as a freelance beauty and fashion editor for a nationwide health and fitness magazine. I'll just call it, "Max" for now. I have worked for Max for about 7 years now.

Started off as an intern, the magazine has since grown into a family household read that is great for all ages and generations providing healthy snack recipes, easy workout routines, and the occasional buzz from me regarding fashion and beauty must-have items. This all leads me into my first fashion post, and is sure to inspire more to come... enjoy. :)

Today's inspiration comes from my own outfit. Choosing a loud blouse may seem daunting at first, but it doesn't have to be. It's all about softening a strong fabric choice with structured pieces and elegant accessories. Whether you choose a talkative pair of shorts, jeans or blouse, offset the look with basics such as white or black to allow your style to look clean and still work-appropriate. Adorn ears and neck with gold jewelry that is understated with simple diamonds, rhinestones, opals or pearls. This will set an elegant tone without looking bulky or overwhelming. You want your look to sparkle, not scream out fire sirens. Stabilize the look by adding a reddish-pink hue to your pout and nails for a look that is classic and chic. Girly and Feminine