September 17, 2013

The Heart of a Dog

Happy Tuesday! I'd like to introduce you to the love of my life, my precious four-legged daughter Bella Spimone (pronounced: Spuh-moan-ee). Like the Italian ice cream. Yes, she's Italian, too. Well, half, anyways.

To me, Bella has the heart of gold and the face of an angel. Okay, not quite like an angel, but her beauty pours out of her dark eyes and I am always drawn in to hug her, hold her, squeeze her and make her pound my fist with her paw, afterall, we are homies for life.

 I like to think that Dogs are a true source of God's love for us. Here's four points to prove my theory:

1. Dog is God spelled backwards
2. They NEVER judge you
3. They love you unconditionally
4. No matter how long you leave them throughout the day, the moment you come back to them they're waiting to embrace you.

To all my dog lovers out there, kiss that wet nose for me and remember to love your little guy or girl just as they are.