November 8, 2013

Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather by ladylisalove featuring a tribal print cardigan

Although Cali has been putting off the blissful chilly weather that normally comes with the holiday months, a girl can dream, or at least prep for what's in store (hopefully!). Whether you're a Hipster (1), Glam Fashionista (2), Jet Setter (3) or a Structured Gypsy (4) the cooler temps and highly fashionable knits will have you showing off your personality in no time.

Shoes, Dogs and Chocolate's Fashion Dictionary:

1. Hipster - This look is for the girl who's got a laid-back outlook on life. She doesn't take things too seriously, least of all herself. She's flexible and easy-going, with a bit of wit that's undeniable and uber attractive.

2. Glam Fashionista - This is the lady who can't live without glitter, sparkles, rhinestones, sequins and shiny beading. She's the ultimate girly girl and although she's got a soft spot for small puppies and kittens she also has an imaginative flair that makes her irresistible. Or maybe it's her coconut passion body spray? Either way, watch her twirl those curls and pucker up those bubble-gum-colored lips, she's ready to whine and dine.

3. Jet Setter - It's time to catch a plain to Miami, or was it Capri? This girl is the ultimate whirl-wind lady and she's got a style to match. Her look is  as easy as it comes but somehow always looks put together. The perfect combination of structured pieces from head-to-toe makes any architect swoon.

4. Structured Gypsy - A modern look pulled from bohemian origin. She's groundly and soulful. She's the kind of girl who knows what it means to appreciate the earth and where you come from, but also loves evolving and moving with the breeze.

Whether you're one of these styles or all of them combined, enjoy the many sweater choices out there and accessorize as you please. You are the blank canvas to your expressionist painting, afterall. Enjoy the journey!

Lisa Love