January 28, 2014

Toasty in California

Happy Tuesday! Monday was a blast and thank goodness it's over. Between the work meetings, research and chiropractor appointment -- oh, did I fail to mention I have back trouble? Well,  yes. It's been an on-going trade off between my neck and ankle who also like to get a bit unhinged now that I've hit 30. (gasp!) Que the dramatic music. The days can either seem short or drag on depending on the level of pain, but mostly I'm dealing. 

Anywho, back to the good ol' "girl, I'm fabulous," talk. Today I couldn't decide what I wanted to wear. I scrambled through my closet for something new. Some thing exciting. Some thing....... some thing.... sommmmeeeeeettthhhhiiiingggg... And then! IT HIT ME! The new blouse my auntie had given me over the holidays along with an adorable bauble style necklace that she bought from a boutique chain called Charming Charlie.

Perfect. Let me pair this duo with my favorite skinny jeans, some open toe gladiator sandals to show off my new pedi (see below) and secure the look with some mousy hair waves and a structured black blazer. Can you believe it? It worked. At least I think it did. :)

Check it out:

Now, prior to this day, and over the weekend, I decided to invade my own personal space with a little love me moments and went to the gym Saturday AND Sunday to support myself in the "love your body challenge" as seen on instagram walls everywhere if you follow the Tone It Up girls. Remember them?  In this fabulous 6 weeks countdown to Vday, you get to workout every day to the point of sleeping in your sports bra, and do little things to provide yourself joy of knowing that someone loves you... (spoiler alert) it's you!

I like these kinds of things myself and enjoy perking up at the break of dawn in some fancy bright-colored athletic wear to motivate my bum, so I'm fully invested and purchased myself some pink roses. To my lovely surprise, my boyfriend E who is well aware of this journey I'm on to lose weight and tone up, bought me a bouquet of red roses also! I mixed the flowers together and wallah. A lovely bouquet of love was created.

If you've never done anything as simple as buy yourself flowers, I suggest you do it. Pick the ones that make you smile instantly and I promise you won't regret it. No one needs to wait around for others to profess their love to them. Profess your own self love and instantly warm your heart.

My weekend, the week before and even this week seems to be all about color and pop and I like it.

 Here's to another fabulous day of being a girl and hoping for the best to others I pass by on the road. Don't worry about lil ol' me. I'm doing alright. 

Lisa Love

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