February 25, 2014

Hello, nice to meet you

There it was, this beautiful hand-crafted purse in the most gorgeous shade of brown my eyes have ever laid eyes on.

I always flock to earthy tones when shopping, so this particular shade of brown was no exception to my rule. It fit perfectly within my coloring lines and I couldn't resist walking pass the aisle again where this lovely number was resting. Waiting. Wondering if someone would purchase it today, and if that person would be me?

At least that's the dialogue that ran through my head. Assuming purses could talk.


I stared in amazement. It was love at first sight.

One more sigh.

I looked away, or at least tried to. I even tried to distract myself by sifting through peplum tops, dresses, and jeans, but none of these were doing the trick. I just couldn't shake my draw towards that purse.

Think of those moments when you crave chocolate so badly, but you need to stay true to your diet. So, you eat tofu instead. Yep. Doesn't work, does it? And now here you are hauling ass over to the nearest drug store to buy 5 candy bars.

Yeah, it was the same thing here. I needed that purse. I longed for it. I took a deep breath and mustered the courage to pick it up. Ugh. It was a little pricey but oh, the material was lovely.
The gold hardware was so clean, and I love gold on anything so it just melted my heart. And let's not forget the clean structure, and the strap. Oh my word, the strap! Not only could I wear it on my arm, but I could shoulder bag it, too?

Oh, Lord, what was I going to do? Just as I started to put the purse down the voice of reason came to my understanding. No, not my voice of reason, my coworker's voice of reason. (We were on our lunch break from work.)

She told me, and I quote: "Lisa, you need this purse, you deserve it. Treat yourself to something right. This bag is so you."


And now for the unveiling...

Don't you just love it?!!?!! If you don't, here's a bit of pursefacts for ya. It's made out of all natural vegan material. Yep. Vegan! The company that made this little eye candy makes all their purses of vegan materials. Check out Urban Expressions to read more about their line and shop your heart out!

If you're interested in grabbing the same bag I did, I found out Amazon has 2 left!
sidenote: It comes in other colors as well. Eeep! I know. Mind blown! I'm sure there's a few other sites that have different colors for bargain prices, so shop around. It will be worth it. ❤️

Happy Shopping!