March 26, 2014

Bella's road to recovery...

Thank you for all the love and healing prayers you sent to me regarding my Bella and her healing. After months of vet visits and no answers on her bum problems, more specifically her anal glands, I did extensive research to find out Bella was in need of one special procedure. This procedure called for local anesthesia while the vet cleaned out her glands with saline solution specific for this ailment, infused the area with antibiotics and prescribed her 1 week supply of oral antibiotics. The 1-hour procedure resulted in a lot of loopiness and a million and one kisses on a little wet nose and a lot of rest for this little pup.

After a few weeks of monitoring her, I am pleased to announce that Bella has healed nicely and has been enjoying many feisty arguments and rascal-like play dates with her younger sister, Lulu.

Need more proof? Let me leave you with a bit of Sunshine, courtesy of Bella. 

Warning:  these next few photos are sure to melt your heart.

I love this little girl with everything that I am, and there will never be another person or creature on this earth that could ever take her place. 🐶❤️

Dogs were made to teach us about love, let them.

Love always, 
Lisa & Bella <3