July 31, 2014

Bella's Poem

Bella's Poem
Written by Lisa Maiorana
10:53pm on July 31, 2014

I am Pure of heart, never have regrets and will listen to all your humanly woes.

I will love my friends and bite my enemies; there are no blurred lines between hate and love.

You will know when I'm happy and when I'm not in the mood for fuss.

I'll snuggle with you when you're sick, and when I have a full tummy that isn't fun. 

I will trust that you will be able to read what I am communicating through my eyes when I am too tired to bark or groan.

I will love you every day that we have together and wait for you to come home.

I'll be your best friend and teach you kindness, trust, loyalty and love. 

When it's my time to leave you, I don't want you to cry, because our hearts are synced and our love will live far beyond forever, as one. 

You are my best friend, and I, will be forever your dog. 

(My dog means everything to me and with each day I get with her, my heart feels full. I felt it necessary to write on her behalf, what I truly believe the most divine love I've ever had looks and feels like. As I say all the time, dog is God spelled backwards and I'm truly blessed for my angel here on earth.) I love you Bella girl.

Love Forever, 
Your Mom