December 26, 2014

Bella's Checkups & Road to Recovery

We're here! It's the second followup. One week after Bella's horrific ordeal on Thanksgiving.

Poor Bella had a blood glucose level of 20, (normal levels are between 70 and 148), she suffered a fever and an anal gland infection. The treatment was several days in the hospital on IVs, antibiotics and steroids. Once released from the hospital, Bella has been on liquid steroids for the blood glucose, and antibiotics for one week. 

After anxiously waiting, It's now time to see Dr. Earnheart. "Hi, Baby Cakes!" Dr. Earnheart greets Bella. Her affection towards a rather moody pup, both astonishes and pleases me. "How's my little Addisonian doing?" She ask.

Dr. Earnheart has labeled Bella after she was positively diagnosed with Addison's disease. A disease that doesn't allow Bella to produce stress hormones. So, instead of going into fight or flight mode, Bella's body shuts down.

Thankful for great doctors and veteranarian assistants, Dr. Earnheart and her assistant Jessica take Bella to the back to check her anal glands, watch her walk, take her blood pressure and temperature.

 Bella yelped a bit as there were still signs of an infection in her anal glands. I could only assume the yelping was from discomfort. Her temperature seemed a bit better, and her blood glucose was at a normal range of 74. Good Job, Bella! 

Dr. Earnheart however, still seemed concerned. Especially about the infection, so she switched Bella's antibiotics. Here we go, 10 more days on antibiotics in addition to steroid; Bella will be on steroids every day, for the rest of her life. 

Poor Bella. She can't catch a break.

During those next 10 days however, Bella would be responding well to the extra attention. Playing with her little sister, Lulu, napping on every blanket possible, and being snuggled and kissed all day long.

It's now round two. We're back at the vet. Oh, boy! Bella walked right up to the door and snooped around like she owned the joint. A few minutes of waiting allowed for the shivers of anxiousness to set in, but things perked up the moment some soft chicken treats were offered from the front desk girls. 

Finally. It's our turn. "Let's check her weight," the vet assistant, Jessica advised. 8.6lbs. "Awesome!" 

What's next was even better, Bella allowed Jessica to hold her. After that, Bella's anal glands were expressed and looked at, she didn't cry or yelp one bit. She even got her temperature checked, which was no big deal to Bella. She did show her teeth at Dr. Earnheart, though.

 Bella was definitely feeling better. "Hooray! Great job, baby girl, Dr. Earnheart is so proud of you."

"Grrrrrrr..." Bella responded.

Bella snuggled up to me right away, and I shared a few more words with the doctor. Bella seems to be doing very well. Her next check up is in six weeks. Thankful for Bella's recovery and smooth transition from near death to a steady life once more, I'm in awe of this little girl. There's so many things to be thankful for, but life with her, is by far my favorite. 

Merry Christmas, everyone. Be thankful for what you have. Nothing is promised.

Many Blessings!

Love Bella & Lisa