February 14, 2015

Valentine's Tapas & Love Birds Nests

The day of love is here, and if you're like most people who want to avoid the last-minute scramblers at the mall and on the busy streets, this home baked dessert just might be your ticket out of the chaos and home to where...well, the heart is.❤️

What you'll need: 
1. Oven (pre set to 400 degrees)
2. 2 boxes of pie crust (gluten-free or regular) I chose regular.
3. Your favorite organic jelly, jam or preserves
4. 2-3 baking sheets
5. 2-3 cooling racks 
6. 1 small bowl
7. Shredded coconut (sweetened)
8. Cooking Sprinkles
9. Coconut oil spray 
10. Spatula 
11. Heart shaped cookie cutters

Step 1. 
Start with laying out your pie crust. 
You'll want to layer one roll out onto the cookie sheet. See below. 

Step 2. 
Choose the filling of your choice. I selected two: Trader Joe's Organic Raspberry and Super Fruit spread. 

Step 3. 
Grab your spatula and spread a dollop of your chosen spread into the center of your bottom pie crust and spread out to the edges. Don't over do the amount of spread as this will help avoid spillover.

Step 4.
Once you've finished layering your spread, place the second pie crust on top and sandwhich the spread. 

Step 5.
Select your ideal size cookie cutter. Once you select the size of your choice, start cutting your heart shaped tapas. 

Step 6. 
Pull away any remaining scraps and put into a small bowl. (We will use the scraps to creat another treat.) In the mean time place your tapas on a cookie sheet in proportioned rows. 

Step 7. 
Pinch the perimeter of each tapa with a fork.

This will help keep your filling from spilling out and avoid the two layers from separating during baking. 

Step 8. 
Once you have your tapas ready, remove any access overspill. If you desire, spray coconut oil on top of tapas and add some sprinkles.

Place tapas into the oven, and bake 15-20 minutes or until golden. 
Note: oven temperatures and baking time may vary. 

Step 9. 
While your tapas are baking, go back to your leftover scraps and add some shredded coconut on top. I used Trader Joe's Sweetened Coconut

Step 10. 
Mix the leftover scraps and coconut together with clean hands until the coconut is worked in fully. This will create your Love Birds Nests. A little concoction I came up with myself. ;) 

Next, roll out mini balls and place onto cookie sheet #2 and push down once with a fork. Spray coconut oil on top to help the nests bake, faster. 

Step 11. 
Place into oven and bake for 10-15 minutes or until golden. 

While the Nests are baking, pull out your tapas and place on cooling racks. 

Step 12. 
Next, pull out your Nests and place those on cooling racks. 

Once the temperature of your desserts has cooled to your desired level, Enjoy! Happy Valentine's Day!