April 14, 2015

Hair Transformation

It's not a crime to change your hair color, although be prepared if you do, as many people, including complete strangers, will have an opinion. It's very similar to when you pick out baby names. "Ew, really?" Or, "hmm... That's an interesting name," accompanied with a head tilt.

The truth is, it's really no one's business what you decide to do with your hair (or name your baby). In fact, change is really good, and FUN! What's more, hair is the easiest thing to change up when you need a little pizzaz in your life.

In fact, some ladies (and men) will spruce up their do when there's something new happening in their life, or they're transforming emotionally. A new job, breakup, moving across the country, you name it, your hair can make a BIG difference on your outlook towards life. And when your hair looks good, you feel good.

I personally like change. Can you tell?

Dark brown: 

Dark blonde/light brown:
...don't mind the cute boy in the next few photos.

Ombre with bangs and some more highlights throughout.

Red(ish) (check out the ends)

To dark, again...

And now? Well, now after a year of having the dark hair, I added some light brown highlights.

"So what should I do now if I want to change my hair color?" Glad you asked! Follow my tips below: 

1. Find a great colorist. 

A colorist is a tad different from a typical hair stylist. Some stylist only do cuts, but a colorist is someone who can make magic! A colorist can be found one of two ways: word of mouth, or research from your end. Search on the computer, ask your friends, or call up a few salons, but the truth is in the pudding. You can't fake it.

How do you know if they are good? My rule of thumb has always been by watching how my hair grows out. A great colorist will know where to lay your highlights and make recommendations for why you should do thin or thick highlights, toning and blending certain colors together depending on the frame of your face and so on.

2. Stock up on images and styles you like and bring 2-3 of those photos to your colorist. 

You will never look exactly like the photo, because that person is probably going to have different features, different natural undertones, and, they're not you! And that's ok. What a good colorist we'll do is use those images as inspiration to give you something that fits your look and style.

3. Watch for ego.

A great colorist won't rush you, pressure you or butcher your style. They will listen, offer suggestions (read: won't tell you what to do) and leave you feeling at ease.

Note: Colorist are artist. They are playing with color and manipulating its lights and darks. They will have some sensitivity to their work, because after all, they are proud of what they do. A bad colorist will be angry when you're not happy. A GREAT colorist will listen to your feedback and do what they can to offer some manipulation if the end point was somehow missed.

4. Relax.
Take your time to select someone you feel at ease with. If you're uptight, guess what? They'll be uptight. The more you're relaxed, the more that energy will radiate. Most importantly, know you can change your hair color at any time. #YOLO (you only live once)

5. Watch your health
If you are a surviving cancer patient in remission, check with your doctor first before exploring the realm of color. Also, check with some salons as they offer vegan (plant based) color which is non toxic.

And lastly... never color inside the lines. The world is so much more vibrant with a bit of contrast. ;)