April 18, 2015

The Bark Corner :Meet Apollo:

The Bark Corner
:Meet Apollo:

A proper pug by day, and a party animal by night. 

What is he doing?
Due to respect, we will refrain from spilling the dirty details that led him to this moment, but it's safe to say he's nursing a hangover. 

Where did she come from?
Originally from La Canada, CA, Apollo, along with his human Dad and Mom, are now currently nestled into the quaint neighborhood of Long Beach, CA.

What is he wearing?
A well heated terry cloth towel in the color eggshell. 

What's next on his social calendar?
Apollo is not one to let a little setback ruin his weekend. Once he's well hydrated and gets some food in his belly, he'll be up in no time to catch the surf, layout and get a tan...maybe even cruise up on a few chicks. The sky's the limit.