May 2, 2015

What's in the bag?

Since the IMATS show in January, I haven't made too many new purchases to add to my beauty bag. 
However,  there were a few new discoveries I couldn't resist. 
Thus allowing for me to share these new purchases along with my pre-existing favorites, with you!

1. Smashbox Photo Finish blemish control (small blue tube). 
This little buddy goes on clean, slightly damp, skin. 
You can use it alone or pair it with the pore minimizer by Smashbox, which I like to do. 
I also like the CoverFX's redness reducer (not shown).
Where to find this product:  Sephora or 
For CoverFX, check out Sephora or

2. Smashbox BB Cream (Light/Medium). I prefer the light/medium to add warmth to my skin.
 If your skin is naturally lighter like mine,  be sure to only go 1-to-2 shades darker and blend 
like crazy, blending down into your jawline, temples and neck.
natural glow. 
Where to find this product: Local beauty counter, Sephora or

3. Neutrogena mineral Sheers (loose powder foundation). It comes with a mini pressed brush
 with handle. Dip bristles into the powder, slide from nose to temples, 
and then start sweeping and blending down before swirling the brush around your entire face. 
The coverage is great and the slight sheen gives a healthy glow. You'll LOVE this product! 
Where to find this product: I found mine at Target.

4. NYX HD Finishing translucent powder. This is the most gorgeous setting powder 
I've found for my skin. This goes on as the very last step. Apply with a big fluffy brush and blend
 in circular motions. 
Where to find this product: Target (other drugstores) or Ulta

5. MAC Blush in Peony. Just use a little to add a bright pop of color. TRUST ME. 
A little goes a long way. 
Where to find this product: MAC stores or MAC online

6. Rimmel eyebrow pencil in Hazel. This easy pencil liner comes with a small brush 
to help blend in brows for a light fill-in to a fuller brow.
Where to find this product: Target. 

7.  Smashbox eyeliner pen. I also like NYX and NYC. NYC is the cheapest price wise, 
and works just as well as the higher end brand. 
Where to find this product: For Smashbox, check Sephora or 
For NYC or NYX check out Target or local drugstore. 

8. Maybelline Waterproof  MegaPlush Volume Mascara in Black. 
Where to find this product: Target (other drugstores) or Ulta

9. Sigma eyeshadow palette in warm neutrals. Whether you're a professional Makeup Artist (MUA), 
a beautiful woman just looking to try something new, or a young teen about to blossom into adulthood, 
this palette has all the right shades for a sweet look or sultry one. 
Where to find this product: Check out Sigma Beauty 

What's in the bag?