June 8, 2015

Day trip to Malibu,CA

Sunday morning road trip time! E and I woke up with a burst of energy to try something new. After quickly deciding on a trip up to Malibu we plugged in the GPS and headed out on our excursion. Pacific Coast Highway, here we come! 

Or, so we thought.. 

Due to unfortunate traffic conditions, our view along PCH wasn't so glamorous, and my dreams of spotting Hollywood starlets and swooning over old-fashion cars, came to a screeching hault with road signs and 20-car pile ups. 

Oh well, we made the best of it and stopped at Gladstones Restaurant in Pacific Palisades. 

The place was packed, with indoor/outdoor seating. 

Large parties had an excessive wait time. We only waited 30 minutes. Good thing because we were both starving! 

 Alas, indoor booth seating with a view. 

The free sourdough bread and whipped butter is a carb-ovore's best friend! 

...and their calamari is chopped fresh and seasoned to perfection. 

Delicious tip: squeeze lemon juice on top of the calamari for additional taste. 
(No picture to show: we ate it too fast!)

Snapped a few cute photos, and we were back in the car to head home. It was such a nice getaway from the usual hustle and bustle of our local town. 

Whether you live in California, or are just visiting, I would suggest a trip up the coast. There's plenty to see and many restaurants along the highway, not to mention it's great for a romantic date, casual dining with friends or a mini trip with the family. Enjoy!