July 5, 2015

Bravery, Freedom & Family

"Happy Fourth of July!" My family kept cheering this phrase over and over. This day has always meant something so grand growing up; not only as an American, but as a young girl, and granddaughter to a World War Two United States Airforce Veteran. 

Due to my grandfather's bravery and the GOOD heroic acts done by him, his fellow crew and all the men and women who currently serve--including my sister's boyfriend of the U.S. Coast Guard--I can walk free as a young lady and look however I want, dress however I want, believe in whatever I want, and now, marry whoever I want. 

I'm grateful for a nation that allows families to join together in peace, fellow neighbors willing to help in despair, and the ability to stand on my own front lawn and eat watermelon while simultaneously cheer over a display of fireworks. 

You can't get any better than that! 

But aside from the hamburgers, hotdogs and tasty desserts, it is family that makes any holiday a joyous one. And as I look into my nephew's eyes, I am reminded of peace, love and the future, and how important it is as adults to stay mindful of our actions and pave a positive way for our little ones. 

As my grandfather's generation took care of us, so must our generation take care of the next. 

Remember, freedom is not free, and although we may not have world peace just yet, many GOOD men and women suffered or lost their lives so that YOU can continue to stand. Let's keep moving forward America, and show those who fought and continue to fight for us, that it will never be in vain. 


...I don't know about you, but that is one phrase I will never get tired of saying. 

(Photo credit: EI Medical)