August 31, 2015

Griffith Observatory (Los Angeles)

We loveeeee LA! 

This past Saturday, E and myself took a drive to West LA to visit the Griffith Observatory, a place full of artifacts and theories of how our universe was formed.


While I was into walking around the campus, E was not, as the intensity of the summer sun was wilting his enthusiasm rather quickly. But he was a good sport for me, and although the heat was unpleasant, we walked around the campus and took in the lovely views as best we could.  

We even had front row seats to a marriage proposal. She said, yes! 

Tourist and family of these two cheered, as I approved myself as the official engagement photographer and snapped this photo.  Not bad, huh? 

E and I grabbed a quick snack at the Observatory's cafe and then bought tickets to an audio and light show. The use of cameras and cell phones during the show were prohibited, so I snapped this bad boy right before the usher had a chance to spot us. 

Overall it was a very nice day. Parking and admission is free, although there is the important disclaimer of understanding the parking situation before you go. Due to limited spaces, parking gets full fairly quickly and you may have to hike up a few hills to enter the observatory, so make sure you dress comfortably. If you're a bit patient however, and a bit lucky, you might encounter a friendly stranger who shares that they're leaving, so you can swoop into their spot.  Awesooooomneesss!!! 


Link to the Observatory website can be found here: