September 8, 2015

A Date with DTLA

This past Saturday was lovely. I initially had no pre-set plans, but I guess that's usually when the best experiences come. 

E and I kicked off our Saturday pretty late (2pm to be exact). We were both tired and feeling a bit lazy from the week but wanted to do something fun, but, what? 

After several minutes of researching ideas we finally just decided to jump in the car and drive to downtown Los Angeles. We were pretty hungry by this time, as you can imagine, but couldn't mutually decide on a spot to eat. That was until we remembered a burger spot our dear friend Miguel took us to earlier in the year.
(Past photo): Miguel is my BFF. Incredible human being and outrageously popular. So much so, that most LA local and hot spots know him by name. 

We trucked ourselves into Umami Burger. It's no fine dining experience, but the burgers are delicious. 

E had the Throwback burger, double patty of cow meat. (Photo not shown). 

I tried the Greenbird.  A turkey burger with a bed of rabbit food on top. 

Make sure you try the truffle fries as well! They're so good! 

After lunch we took a lap around the Art District and snapped a few photos of, and with, the wall art. 

E was ready for dessert, and as always, wanted ice cream. He searched up a creamery located in the Grand Central Market. Neither he nor I have been there so we were intrigued with the variety this food mall had to offer.

After shuffling through the crowd, we found McConnel's! 

'Two scoops please, we're recuperating.'
(A phrase from a Shirley Temple movie). 

Not bad for an impromptu Saturday in Los Angeles. I can't wait to see what new adventures we embark on next time. 

Share your favorite Los Angeles or California spots to visit in the comment section below.