October 12, 2015

E's Birthday Weekend

This weekend was all about delicious eats and celebrating this cutie's life. I can't express enough how important birthdays are to me. Whether or not it's being able to celebrate someone on the actual anniversary of their birth, sending a birthday wish via text, email, social media, or by mailing a belated birthday card, birthdays are wonderful! 

So let me start by saying, cheers! And to everyone that has celebrated, or is about to celebrate their birthday, do it with class and happiness, and may you be surrounded by those who love you.

And to my sweetheart, E, you are so special to me. Your kindness runs deep, the man that you are overwhelms me with each passing day, and your respect and zest for life inspire me to keep my own spirit growing with vigor. Happy Birthday, my love! You are blessed beyond measure and I'm grateful for your life. 

The first evening, on E's actual birthday, we celebrated by visiting Orange Hill Restaurant. A fine dining experience nestled into the hills of Orange County, California. The view was spectacular, although the weather was toasty. May I interest you in visiting 100 degrees Sunny Cali? Phew!  We opted for indoor seating. 

Pale peach and amber colors glowed around a bright orange ball of flame as we watched the sun set. Beautiful!  I was so moved by the scenery, I forgot to snap a photo, sorry. 

From what I was told by our server, the evenings are even more romantic as lit fireplaces adorn the outside patio and homes and businesses light up the dark hills. Insert beating heart emoji.

We started off by chomping on some sour dough buns with creamy butter sprinkled with Hawaiian sea salt. 

Calamari came next. YUM!

E had the steak. 

I had the most delicious chicken, creamy mashed potatoes and garlic dressing drizzled over asparagus and carrots. HOLY MOLY! E was so jealous that he ate my other piece of chicken and most of my mashed potatoes.

And then came, dessert.

The next day, we traveled back to Orange County, for brunch. I scurried around on the Internet to find a popular local spot that served mimosas, and this was the winner - The Filling Station

E grabbed an omelet with onions, bell peppers, bacon and who knows what else.  I, on the other hand, ordered an omelet with bacon, pepper jack cheese and spicy sausage. I needed protein, because we were both about to dive into a plate of cinnamon french toast, and by no means was I going to be satisfied with just that. 

Ok - I was wrong. I was so full, I couldn't finish my omelet. This place definitely lives up to its name. The meal was so delicious and, well, filling.  

The little cafe rocked nothing but oldies music and our server was so sweet and attentive. The weekend was a pure hit, and ended with E watching the Cowboys play the Patriots. 

Although the Cowboys lost, E was still very happy with his birthday weekend, and that made me very happy.