October 16, 2015

Ulta Purchase

I just went in for some eyeliner,  it's really not my fault! 

NYX cosmetics are on sale. Buy one item at regular price and get a second one at 50% off. 

I truly went to Ulta, with a set mind to purchase the white and vinyl black liquid eye liners. I wanted the matte black as well, but that was sold out. Some girl called and put the last two on hold. Um...is that legal?

I did find a deep purple/plum color that whispered to me in the mean time, so I bought that for now, but I'll return later for that black matte. 

I've never tried these loose eye shadow powders before, but they looked so pretty, I grabbed four.

...And of course I had to even out my sale to an even number, so I bought five single shadows. 

Most people compare NYX (pronounced: Nicks) to MAC. I don't know if I would, and although I like both brands, I think I lean just a bit more towards NYX when it comes to their eye shadows and their price points. 

After filling my basket with shadows, I strolled around the store a bit, and lingered around a few "last call" and "hot deal" shelves where I spotted Giovanni products. I had never tried the Brazilian Keratin & Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner, before, but marked down to $2.00 each, that's a bargain worth trying!  

My total: $44.81

Not bad, for a day trip to find liquid eyeliner. ;)