November 28, 2015

A Grateful Heart

If I was born anywhere else in the world, would I be just as grateful for my life as I am today? As my thoughts prepped for Thanksgiving, the rush of Black Friday, and the events that will follow, I kept thinking of that question. 

In the recent weeks passed, terrorist killed several innocent lives in Paris, but the impact of these actions and losses affected many throughout the world. Peace and Prayer petitions quickly went viral on social media. Many spoke about their recent visit to France and Paris and those who lost someone. In a common thread of prevailing hope and strength, media post spoke about the bond of good, and how it will always be greater than evil. 

(Photo: @Shoesdogsandchocolate) 

In nearly half of deaths (45%) in children under five, poor nutrition is to blame. That's an estimating 3.1 million children each year, according to the World Food Programee (WFP). If you are throwing a lot of food away, think of adding less to your plate before you waste it. Think of how those leftovers you toss out nonchalantly could be a day's worth of food to one child. 
(Photo: @Shoesdogsandchocolate)

Many of us are doing ok, we're getting by. Could things be better? Sure, they can always be better, but if we were without shoes as states '1.2 billion people in the world live in extreme poverty (less than one dollar a day)' are, would we think differently about our situation? Many parasites enter the soles of the feet, and without shoes to cover the steps you take, you are susceptible to many illness or disease. Be grateful for those worn out sandals or broken down running shoes. Perhaps donate them to a local shoe and clothes drive before taking them to the dumpster. 
(Photo: @Shoesdogsandchocolate) 

As Christmas, Hannukah, and the New Year celebrations approach, we will get swept up in the holiday cyclone, elbowing strangers in tight shopping quarters, singing jingle bells and wishing for health, wealth and good cheer and this post you have read will be a thing of the past. Don't let it be. Every day people need people, and hope needs hope. Be of good faith and be bold in your motivations. 

Give food to a stranger, hold the door for someone you don't know and take it easy. Everyone is looking for happiness, some times it starts in a small gesture of giving thanks.