November 12, 2015

Just a day at the park

Bella, Lulu and I have been spending a lot of extra time together, outdoors. In our small town, we have the luxury of exploring three parks. A much appreciated array of options when the hustle and bustle of life becomes too much, and a long walk or a gazing view under a tree, can be just the ticket for pure relaxation. Two out of the three parks however, are usually loaded with foot traffic as adults accompany young children or other dogs, which usually go unleashed to roam the premises, and if Bella isn't in the mood for a meet and greet, it can cut our outings short.

Did I tell you Bella was feisty? Today she was called an Alpha female. "Yep, just like her mother," I added to the conversation with a friendly stranger visiting the park with his maltipoo, "Rambo".

Only after asking the dog owner if it was OK, did I let Bella off the leash to explore the area that was Rambo. The sweet little guy could have be an agility trainer, as he bobbed and weaved from Bella's temper tantrums. After a few how do you dos and don'ts from the pups and conversations of dogs ended, Bella, Lulu, Rambo, the stranger and myself parted ways and Bella and Lulu did as they do best and took over the rest of the park.

They win.