December 3, 2015

Banana Bread? Cake? Muffins?

I normally don't post recipes, but lately I've been making this super easy and might I say delicious banana filled, cake...muffin treat. Yeah, you'll see what I mean. 

Let me start with the recipe. 
*3-4 ripened bananas
*2 cups flour 
*1/4 teaspoon baking powder 
*1 1/2 cups sugar 
*1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract 
*5 tablespoons of coconut milk 
*1 softened stick of butter
*2 eggs

Blend all ingredients together and pour into a greased cake pan. Or you can pour straight into cupcake wrappers if you want to make cupcakes versions.

Alternative recipe:
One day while making this recipe I forgot the butter, so I added 3 eggs instead of 2, and greased a dark pan with coconut oil to create a cake. It came out so soft soft and spongy. 

( I want to try using coconut flour and stevia instead of sugar for a healthier alternative but since stevia has a distinct taste I'm not so sure how it will taste.)

Once batter is in the tray or cupcake pan, sprinkle light brown sugar, cinnamon and coconut flakes for a tasty top layer. 

Bake: 350 degrees for 40 minutes give or take depending on your oven.