December 31, 2016

What I Learned in 2016

Can you believe we only have a few more hours until we say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017?! It's crazy, right? 

With so many world events that have taken this year by the horns, I'm sure we've all had a few  personal experiences we'd wish never made a pit stop, but what is life without some downfalls? We can't have it all, and life is never perfect, but we can learn a lot through these ups and downs and make the best out of it, or perhaps even learn from them. 

Here's what I learned this year:

  • I'm a Go-Getter
This isn't something necessarily new to me, but it's definitely worth acknowledging. I can't sit still. I don't like wasting time and I definitely function at a higher speed than most. Whether it is about health, fitness, work or organizing my closet and then reorganizing it again, I must see things progress. Everything has an order; a place in this world, and in order to see these things fit into their proper space, I create a hands-on approach to make sure it gets done. I guess you can say I'm a type-A personality. Although mostly wonderful, this type of personality can be difficult to have at times because it can make me a perfectionist and allows for frazzled moments with others who are inactive to pursue their dreams or resolve health issues. This leads me into the second thing...

  • Accepting People As They Are
People show you who they are every day. Whether happy and make every situation positive, negative and dismissive or smile to your face and live a secret life behind your back (trust me it happens). People will show you who they are, the type of person they connect with and what you can expect from them. Don't make anyone be who you want them to be, but rather listen to what they are saying to you. You'll spend less time problem solving, and more time living your best self.
  • It's OK to Say "NO"
It's definitely ok to say no. Your life and your time is precious, and spending it with who and as you wish, is and SHOULD BE a definite priority. 
  • New Things Are Scary but Worth a Try If Your Heart Is In It
This one is pretty straightforward, but we all need a little reminder that stepping out of our comfort zone can be a bit scary, and that's normal. When I started my new job a year ago, I was pretty scared. It was something I had wanted to do for years, but never had the right opportunity. Then with a LOT of persistence (TYPE A), a lot of patience, learning from others and weaving in my own skills, I landed the job of managing a magazine for a large organization. A huge dream come true; and a huge goal accomplished. My heart was there and so was the fear, but if I let the fear outweigh my heart's desire, I would have never pursued this job, and I'm so glad I listened to my heart. 
  • God Has A Plan For You
Simply put, everyone's journey is their own. God intended yours to move just as fast (or slow) as needed. The route may change course and your abilities, function or outlook may change from time to time, but you are right where you need to be. Trust Your Journey.

Now that I've shared what I learned, it's time to set out some new goals for 2017! I'm very much ready to do this, and I hope you'll join me. Grab a pen and paper and write out a few goals of your own. There's no rush, take your time. Vision your goals. Let's go!

Goals for 2017:

1. Do Yoga 1 to 2xs a week. 
2. Drink More Water (with lemon)
3. Say "No" to Things You Don't Want To Do
4. Be OK with Your Fitness Journey and Progress 
5. Spend More Time Doing what You love
6. Get More Sleep
7. Do More Things Outdoors 

~ Now for a little fluff, here are some pictures to share my favorite IG posts of 2016 ~

Happy New Year! May Your Blessings be Abundant!