April 6, 2017

Hiking with Bodyceuticals!

Hike + Spa = Heaven in my book!

Ok--so it's not a real spa facility in the great outdoors, but it is just as soothing.  The scent of sweet lemon, lavender or even citrus has been scientifically proven to lower blood pressure, heart rate and rest rattled nerves, but so is a long walk out in nature, so when you have the opportunity to combine the two, why wouldn't you?!


I'm talking about BodyCeuticals Calendula's refreshing facial toner in neroli orange blossom with aloe vera. I took this little gem on my last three-mile hike and spritzed three plush sprays over my face in a crisscross motion and back of my neck.  The rich ingredients relieved my flushed skin from the hot sun.  Ahhh.... the release of endorphins from my cardio session partnered with bodyceuticals at the finish line was the perfect combination. 


As a beauty products hoarder and a nature lover, combining these two components into one afternoon was pure bliss. The 100 percent vegan toner is made up of aloe vera orange blossom, neroli and kosher vegetable glycerine. 

Pure aloe vera is extremely effective for sunburns and Neroli is helpful for dry, mature or sensitive skin.
I will be bringing this toner with me on every hike going forward. Extra beauty tip: stock in the fridge or cooler pack for a chillier skin refreshment.