April 29, 2019

Hiking: Eaton Canyon

Trailed an old favorite—Eaton Canyon. The 3.5 miles round trip trail is best suited for those who enjoy agility training as it includes crossing back and forth over a stream, and hurdling over rocks and logs. I absolutely love it! The only downfall is the crowd. If you’re a fast walker or athletic at minimum, start your hike early (between 6am-8:30am) otherwise you run the risk of getting stuck behind slower or inexperienced trekkers. 

Also, wear the appropriate shoes. It’s best to wear hiking or trail running shoes with enough traction to keep you from slipping off rocks. Bonus if your shoes are waterproof! 

As for any additional essentials, it’s always a good idea to carry  a bottle of water, and to apply sunblock and bug spray before you head out on the trail. 

For those with any previous or current leg injuries, not in good health, or have poor balance, I would avoid this hike as you wouldn’t want to further injure yourself. However, if you’re athletic and have a brave heart to take on the challenge, then by all means! Enjoy!