September 11, 2013

If you were a novelist...

It's a girl thing, it's a me thing, but it's a thing... I am SUPER emotional. I get sensitive (sensi) as I coined the term, in which it relates to showing any bit of over-reacting or drawn-out emotion that flusters a rather calm demeanor. The thing is with me, I'm never calm. What do you expect? I'm Italian and Mexican (to be stereotypically correct) and I have a constant fire in my belly that is always on the verge of sourcing flames through my blood that boils on-site whenever my passionate heart gets tested.

Anywhoooooooser... I was getting ready to drive into work this morning and I overheard a conversation on the radio about a coworker they never knew was a novelist and it sprung one of my many million thoughts into action... HEY! I thought to myself, why don't you write a book, Lisa!? A question that followed with a demeaning answer "because no one would read it?" The truth is however, someone would read it, but more importantly what would I write a book about? And why am I talking to myself?   Eh, I heard once that it makes you smarter because you actually think through your thoughts and answer your own questions which can help resolve a matter privately before submerging yourself into the public, or maybe I am semi-crazy and just need to own it.

Either way, the thing is, whether crazy or not, I am constantly in motion and thinking about ways to challenge myself. Although I'm not quite there yet, the idea of writing a book has always interested me. I thought of the many ideas for a story line...a topic...would it be fiction or more memoir style?

When I was younger I used to climb trees, (Did I tell you?) and wouldn't stop there. I would climb football posts at the local high school, "No Parking" poles near my home, and even rooftops. Who did I think I was anyways, Spider man? I climbed trees for no reason and for every occasion. I knew I could and the feeling I enjoyed  the most was sitting on the branch or post  many feet above the ground. I was able to see the world at a better view.

Allowing myself a panoramic view of the location I was in just seemed to make sense than limiting a young girl to one-on-one eye-level focus. I have always wanted bigger and greater, and still do. Pushing limits is what I know how to do and writing allows me to expand past the boundaries of limitation. It gives a freedom to exhale every thing I intake daily, who I've become and who I want to be, but more than that, it allows me to say what I want without interruption of anyone, even, myself.

So, if given the chance to write a book, what would I write about? Me.  There's no one in the world other than God that knows me from the inside out. I am with myself 24/7. I am there when I laugh and when I cry. When I feel defeated and when I triumph. I challenge myself, allow myself to evolve and challenge my own skills like no other person on earth, so why wouldn't I use myself as a muse for future stories?

Being you is a gift from God. There's no one else like you. Your trials and tribulations are you own and with great exaltation, you have the helping hand of your faith to help you test boundaries, a mirror to look yourself straight in the face, and a heart to love who you are and the allowance of tears to pour down your face when you finally allow that moment to come to you, because being yourself is your gift to the world and to be yourself, is your gift to you. Let your journey unfold and let your story be told through the novelist, you. I've already made it through a quarter of my life and I still haven't fully found out who I am, but I'm excited for the journey and will continue to write my life's story piece by piece. Hope you like it.