October 11, 2013

Friday I'm in Love

Alright, so it's Friday, which means the weekend is here.  And although I'd like to get it started now, I have to wrap up one more hard day of work before I can dive into a fun, 3-day celebratory weekend with my sweetie pie, E. He just turned an invisible number and would like to throw caution to the wind at an all-out rage fest with the likes of Mickey and Minnie.

I know. It sounds like we're five. The truth is however, we just really enjoy the way you can sit on the curb on Main Street (Disney lingo), chomp on a churro, and literally hum "it's a small world after all," as every ethnicity known to mankind walks by you. It's kind of neat, really. I encourage you to try it.

And, let's not forget the occasional sighting of celebrities we notice on this infamous Main Street curb. Nope. Can't forget these awesome peeps. They are the lucky ones afterall. They get to meet US, whether they like it or not!

The story goes like this...

E and I are minding our own business, (remember the churro and humming?) and yapping up a storm about this and that, when one of us starts scaning the crowds until someone shuffles through that we know. (Yes, know.)

We shout out the name of the person we think it is and then look at each other in awe and disbelief. God forbid that character once on TV or Golden Screen is for goodness sakes a real person, who mind you, is now officially startled by all the screeching we're doing, is now showing all sorts of terror from their eyes, all-the-while holding clenching tighter to his or her youngest child. Yep. It's going to be a blast!

Can't wait to celebrate the Big blank blank!

In Other news, it's important that I report to all my dog lover friends, the state and well-being of my sweet Dog-ter, Bella.

In the past few months, Bella was having issue with her, umm... backside. Needless to say, the vet E and I were taking her to didn't seem to solve the problem and the concern grew into a bigger one and my poor little girl was literally having more pain, followed by lowering of her tail, scooting on the carpet and whimpering. (Insert mommy meltdown). 

I may not have a human child just yet, but the love between my dog and I is unlike any other love I've ever known in this entire world, and I paw swore to her that I will do whatever possible to make sure she lives a very long and healthy life.

No ifs, ands, or butts about it. ;)

Light bulb goes off. I was going to get a second opinion! As humans, we have the luxury of seeking medical help immediately whenever we feel slightly ill, but as a dog, you rely on the help of your human parent to help you with this matter, and that's what I intended to do.

For a hot minute I researched all vets in my area, and with the unfortunate annoyances of complaints concerning over nothing serious but the "bad attitude of this snooty receptionist," I decided to move to the next step.

 I was going to text and email every friend in my phone book who adopts the same love for their dog like I do. I got a response quickly from someone I trust very much, and immediately booked an appointment for Bella and I.

After meeting this New Doctor, his staff, and 40 minutes of a nose-to-tail evaluation and then some, I was pleased with his care and process of steps to recovery.

Here's Bella before meeting the New Doc. As you can see, she's not too sure about this.

After much reassurance, and assisting with the comfort of Bella during her full exam, I feel confident in saying we both walked away a bit relieved both physically and emotionally.

Bella has been running around with her tail flapping as fast as a her little heart can pump the last few days and responding to the prescribed treatment plan like a boss.

The diagnosis: An inflamed/irritated colon.
Cause: Uncertain at this time.
Treatment: Shot of cortisone and oral antibiotics for one week.
Followup: One week from original appointment, whether she's feeling good or bad.
Doctor's notes: He would like to take Bella's recovery process step by step. For now, focusing on the backside is concern number one, and will be followed by blood work to make sure her organs are healthy.

Reason for Blood work: Due to past doctor's reports, and my own knowledge and explaining, New Doctor is concerned with her weight loss within the year, and would like to check on her organs and rule out any other internal problems or concerns. Right now, diabetes is on the radar.

Please keep my little angel in your prayers and I'll keep you posted after her second visit.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Lisa Love