October 14, 2013

Weekend Fun

As previously mentioned in my last post, this weekend was going to be a fun-filled extended birthday weekend celebration for my sweetheart, and it didn't disappoint. Staying true to my awesome girlfriend roots, I made sure the Birthday Boy received a "Happy Birthday" button from the friendly people at Dland's Main Street office.

In an effort to emphasize his special day, I too, received a button to honor the fun we were about to venture on while skipping through the crowds of happy tourist in tomorrowland and fantasyland. Okay, so we didn't skip, but the thought of it did entertain my mind for a bit.

Along our journey to find a churro, we were bashed by, bumped into, knocked into, elbowed by and had our toes seemingly close to being run over by the many rows of people and few strollers overlapping our course. It seemed our brilliant idea of going to Disneyland on a Saturday, was also in the minds of others.

The place was packed!

Good thing E thinks quickly on his feet. He shuffled his way to a vendor selling light up swords, fans, buttons, Mickey ears and necklaces galore: "I'll take two of these, please!" as E pointed to the light-up Mickey pumpkin necklaces on the cart. He's such a gentleman. Not only were we wearing matching necklaces, but these bad boys sure did the trick.  The amount of bumping had gone down drastically.

In fact, these necklaces worked so well, people derailed their own beaten path to move out of the way of ours. Others, more specifically children, were so enamored by our light up toys like a fish to sparkly tackle bait, they would stop eating, screaming or hitting their sibling just to stare at the "ooh and ahh" light sequence effect these necklaces displayed. Think Dori, in Finding Nemo.

The night continued with watching an 80s rock band belt out Prince and Rod Stewart songs, followed by stuffing our faces with a huge strawberry ice cream sundae, and finishing with one last captured smile next to a pile of pumpkins.

Here's to one more weekend down in the books!


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