October 17, 2013

When a Girl Needs to Shop!

Date Night

When the weather gets cooler, I enjoy the smell of fireplaces burning, sipping hot cocoa, inhaling crisp air and the cooler vibes displayed on billboards for clothing companies such as H&M, Piperlime and Free People

My usual shopping therapy has currently been on a long hiatus. The culprit? Saving up for MY NEW CAR! (imitating Bob Barker's voice).

 I currently drive a beat up 1996 purple, 2-door sports coupe. Although I love my car with all my heart; I've had it since my first year of college and it's trying to R.I.P. :(

Since then, "shopping has been soooo last season" and I've had to pull from the hind legs of my closet to make my old, worn out threads look new, again.

Along my journey into the thresholds of my closet, I found my favorite pieces and started pairing up my ultimate go-to outfit. Skinny dark jeans, tall brown boots, brown sling bag, long cardigan, infinity scarf and gold accessories. I LOVE wearing gold hoops, so these are a must for me on date night, cold night, hot night, any night or day, actually.

Bad News Strikes Even the Fabulous
While I'd like to think I had a plethora of items to choose from in my divine closet, there was an ultimate price I had come to face. Here are the things I noticed while digging deep into the throws:
1. My clothes are old.
2. My clothes are too big for my body now. I lost weight. (insert squeal)
3. My clothes are old

So to sum it up, I need a wardrobe cleanse. If you, too, need a wardrobe cleanse,  here are my tips to you. Invest, invest, invest. Not in stocks, but in high-quality, name brand boots, jeans, and nice coat.

When you invest correctly, these three items will last for years. Anything cheaper will eventually fall apart, literally. And when you're hanging out with friends, walking around the office, or impressing a cute boy, ripped shoes or toes hanging out from your boots, is not a cute look.

The same thing goes for jeans and a nice coat. When fitted properly (think tailored) to your body, you will have the luxury and comfort of two more solid pieces that will last more than three years, and that's considered forever in the fashion world. Everything else from shirts to camis, accessories and sweaters can be mixed and matched with inexpensive pieces for a glam-squad look that only took your individual stylist (you!) minutes to achieve.

Happy Fall!

Lisa Love

Pull&Bear jacket, $64 / J Brand skinny jeans, $400 / Golden Goose small heel boots / Madewell leather handbag / Forever 21 bangle bracelet / Carolina Bucci gold jewelry / H&M pendant necklace, $11 / Humble Chic circle scarf