October 18, 2013

Sisters, Babies & Blessings

Good Morning Everyone!

Granted your day has probably already begun, and I'm running a bit late on my post, but can we all just take a quick moment and relish in this photo capturing the early a.m. sunrise?

...........................................................(taking my minute)...........................................................

Wow, such captivated beauty. I can stare at this for hours and instantly feel at ease knowing that something so beautiful exist. Oh, and by the way, this is an unfiltered photo, so the proof is in the pudding. God is Great!

This weekend I will be showering my second oldest sister Amanda and soon-to-be arriving nephew with an elegant array of flowers, gifts and onesies anyone has ever seen! For those of you who don't know me, I have three sisters. Two older, and one younger. That's right, I'm slightly off centered from being a true middle child. I have the perks of being younger and still spoiled, but old enough (12-year gap from myself and the youngest) to commit to being an older, wiser sister, who is full of advice and what not to dos.  

That's right, my parents were blessed with four girls.

{Don't feel pity for my Dad, he's a feisty dude who can handle his own. He fits right in with the diva moments, emotional outburst and fridge raids for tubs of ice cream during heartbreaks and romcoms.}

As sisters we have the pleasure of fighting, hugging, crying, laughing and overall bonding together in ways that makes running through life a bit of a breeze. Since there are four of us, there is of course the typical comments of "who are you closer to?" that comes up by strangers and acquaintances. And although we share a blanketed union, we do have our deeper ties with certain sisters that is unparalleled to another. None-the-less, the love and "I would do anything for you," and "mess with her, you'll have to deal with me" statements remain the same across the board.

Amanda, "Mandy" is the second oldest of us girls, and also the second one to be having a baby. She's been trying for several years and with nothing short of a miracle, she has been blessed with her first little bundle. This journey of fear, love and loss, has been an emotional one. What ifs, doctors appointments and sleeping has filled her daily agenda while her heart continues to fill with gratitude.  She's a tough cookie, my sister Mandy. She's a fighter for the most part, but one who has a soft spot for those around her who are mothers. 

Particularly for my sister Melissa, who six years ago blessed my family tremendously with the birth of my first nephew, Andrew Jacob. His legacy will live on forever and he will always be the first born of my sisters, the first grandson, and our entire family's first love. Please read Angel's exist to learn more about Andrew's story and the blessings he continues to bring our family as we continue our journey through life.

In the mix of all the preparation, Mandy has been all over the place, and some in our family are on the same journey with her. Anxious, excited, and just simply can't wait to meet the little dude. Baby nephew #2 will no doubt have a large fan base of followers the moment he says hello. 

(he's already saying it) ;)

Count your Blessings,
Lisa Love