October 21, 2013

Recap Monday

It's Monday and the weekend has officially come to a close...actually, it's still lingering as my achy body yearns for sleep, but all I can say is I'm grateful to be alive and share in the goodness that was celebrated.

We kicked off Saturday with a boom! A baby boom. My sister's shower was a hit and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. She literally cried when she came through the doors, again about a minute after that and then cried five more times throughout the shower after that! Whoa. A lot of crying, but when I hugged her to reassure that she was okay, she smiled and burst out deeper sobs. "Are you happy?" I asked her, in which a quick up and down shaking of her head "yes" was all she could render her body to do.

I soaked it all in as she was crying it all out. To see my sister flooding her face with happy tears made all the weeks of planning, stress over details and budgeting so worth it.

Guest poured over the cake, cookies,  activity craft, "Prayer Tree," hand-made banners, mason jars and those they haven't seen in a while. Hugs and cheers came from every corner of the room as a couple dozen women cooed over each item in sight.

Upon arrival guest were given a bead necklace, and put in instant competition with one another, forbidden to say the word "Mandy." If another heard you mutter that word, you  would be asked to give up your beads. Those with the most beads at the end of the designated time slot, would win game #1.

The hoots and hollering went on for hours and stare downs created roaring laughter. The second game of drawing a baby on top of your head had mischievous personalities contemplating strategies, or even hinting the guest-of-honor to dismiss one over the other.

In the end, Mandy's college friend Michelle was the winner!

Along my sister's journey through life, she has had the pleasure of making amazing friends, and my family has adopted them in as our own. Her child hood friends helped in the planning process and added to the party by creating a craft station for designing onesies for soon-to-be baby boy. Clothes pins displayed each guest's creative side.

Oh, and let's not forget to mention the bundles of joy her friends also brought. Each one in a different trimesters. 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Friends who are pregnant together stay together. ;)

All in all, the day was amazing. Full of emotion and gratitude and I couldn't have done any of this without the help of my other lovely sisters and amazing mother.

But now, it's time to kick up my heels and relax... until the  next event. Cheers!

Lisa Love

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