October 24, 2013

Are you talking to me?

"All learning has an emotional base."-- Plato

In a world of give and receive, it's incredibly important to self proclaim our emotions, as well as learn how to control them. It is also highly important to learn how to understand and respond to the emotions of others. Unless of course, they overstep their boundaries.

Why is proclaiming your emotions so important?
To proclaim ones true self helps a person identify his/her own problems or joys. It allows us to trust what our heart and mind is feeling and relay those feelings to the outside world.

By communicating our emotional state at any current moment, we allow ourselves to truly invest in that state and also send signals to the universe that are necessary to help others give us space, or come closer. In the book, The Secret, a slew of artist, scientist, and philosophers explain the theory that when you proactively live a life of positive thinking, you will attract positive things, and vice versa.

Why is it important to understand and respond appropriately to others proclamations?
If we do not properly listen to the words and emotions being shared by others, we can do one of two things: The first is to interrupt with our need to share and relay things back to ourselves. The second, is to easily misinterpret what the subject is saying and walk ourselves straight into a land mine.

A miscommunication of emotions and feelings can force subject x to burst into an offset of emotions that were carefully tucked away while they were initially expressing something else.

(Important Note: If you are someone who only likes to talk and never listen,  please talk to a wall or face a mirror so you don't feel lonely because the one-way street disorder you have isn't working for anyone else.)

Where was I? Oh  yes, when these land mines occur it can cause unbearable responses by both parties and lead to an intoxicating relationship or at the very least, make for an uncomfortable conversation that ends in silence.

Communication is key to helping us understand one another and so is listening, but expressing is even more vital because without expression you can not communicate your truest desires or heartfelt release.

So.. .isn't yelling a form of expression? The answer is yes, but it's not one anyone wants to listen to, not even the one-way street human,  especially when they are yelling also. So although you would like to throw a temper tantrum towards the person who just interrupted you sorting through feelings, it's better to reel it in and think about your role in the emotional exchange.

You may have been the one to start it, but you also may need to be the listener.  This my friend is what Psychologist refer to as Emotional Intelligence. Look it up, check it out, soak it all in. If you're going to live on this planet, you need to learn how to relate to others. Shutting down and going MIA may help for a bit, and I encourage you to do that from time to time, but ultimately you're going to need to talk to someone and you're going to have to listen.

Okay, BIG HUGS! Have an awesome day!

Lisa Love