October 31, 2013

Move along Halloween...nothing to see here

Brace yourself.
You ready?
Here it goes...
I don't like Halloween.
I told you to brace yourself! 
 It's mainly because I'm not a fan of anything that portrays spooks and hocus pocus. I don't like scary movies and I don't like creepy costumes and yelling at strangers to scare the hibbie jibbies out of them. Is that weird? I don't think so.
Now, don't get me wrong, I know that Halloween isn't all about the creepy-crawlers, in fact, I used to love the idea of dressing up like a princess in pink every year, but that all changed when people turned a fun day into an unsafe one.
If I can go back to my days of youth, trust me, I would. Those days were pure bliss. Pumpkin carving with my Dad, getting my makeup done by my Mom and sister Melissa, squeeling in excitement to walk door-to-door with my sister Mandy and all her friends, and pining over the cute neighbor's kids, one dressed up like a pea in a pod and the other snow white, which I aspired to be like the following year. who was I kidding? I was going to be a princess, again.


And although I still enjoy seeing neighboring houses decked out with goons and goblins and the sweet children all excited to fill their bags with candy, knocking on my door while singing the usual chant, I'm pretty okay with dawning my pink tiara and snuggling indoors on the couch with Bella.
Who by the way, was a butterfly in her past life. Oh, and so was my sister Sara, a sum five years ago, while being accompanied by a darling ladybug if I do say so myself.


Happy Halloween! Stay Safe!
Lisa Love