November 20, 2013

Ring of Fire

Ring Love

Janis Savitt 18k jewelry / SunaharA mid knuckle ring / Topshop rhinestone ring / Banana Republic yellow gold jewelry / Accessorize stackable bracelet / LeiVanKash mid finger ring / Sterling silver ring / Topshop mid finger ring

Dainty, tribal, bows, hearts, double stacked, triple stacked, and all character driven or animal inspired. Rings are the easiest way to dress up bare hands that otherwise look a little dull. Sorry, I skipped the hand cream.
The new trend is midi rings. They look like baby rings for adults. Meant to be worn above your knuckle, they're cute and unique and can be worn with regular rings to play up the whole finger.
 The look reminds me of Hindu jewelry, which is gorgeous and I personally feel the muse for this new trend, and I love it.

Please excuse my messy manicure and zoom in on the rings! ;)