March 18, 2015

Dental Dog Treats Review | Indigo Fresh

 We (Bella, Lulu and myself) just received a box of free treats from PetSafe in exchange for our honest review. Well, since the girls can't articulate in english, I'll do my very best to explain what I observed. ;)

I was recently introduced to Petsafe's Indigo Fresh Treats at the Natural Expo West this year. After stopping by their booth to chat with their Senior National Accounts Manager, I was pleased to hear the details and go over the quality of ingredients, benefits and the design of their new Indigo Fresh Treats and Fresh Floss Bones.

Due to Bella's recent health scare this past Thanksgiving however, my Doggy-Mom concerns were on high alert, which means I'm more cautious  than before, to make sure I give Bella and her little sister Lulu, healthier choices that agree with their bellies and lifestyle. 

This treat however, brought down those concerns, and I wanted to know more. 

When our box arrived, we received all three of Petsafe's new treats to try: Indigo Fresh Floss Bones, Indigo Fresh Dental Sticks and Indigo Fresh Dental Sauce

Just recently, both Bella and Lulu were suffering from stinky breath. Something I associated with as a normal part of dog life. However, my discussion with PetSafe experts had me believing otherwise. I was surprised to hear that eight out of 10 pets have periodontal concerns by the age of three, and that periodontal disease is the most common clinical problem among dogs (and cats) today.  

Top signs of periodontal disease found in pets:
  • Excessive Drooling
  • Bumps or ulcers in or around the mouth
  • bleeding gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Tartar
  • Not wanting their head touched. (this one surprised me)
Now, I have seen some excessive tartar on my pups, but the rest sort of worried me. If you care about your pets like I do, I know this list will have you checking your fur-babies mouth for all the above. If you find one or more of these, you need to make a Vet appointment, pronto.

Before I share my review further, I must admit I didn't give Bella or Lulu the Dental Sticks as they came in size medium, which is a bit large for my dogs who are under 10lbs.  I do plan however, to give the dental sticks to our pal and neighbor, Bella Fatche. (Translation from Italian to English means: "Beautiful Face"). Yes, another Bella. :) She's a Wheaton Terrior, and I think she would just love a gift from her buddies, just because.

The Indigo Fresh Dental Sauce is ideal for a quick drizzle of flavor when you want to soften your pet's kibbies/crunchies, or just need to add an extra bit of flavor to their bland dog food. A little goes a long way, but avoid giving the sauce the same day as you do an Indigo Dental Floss Bone or Indigo Dental Stick. Like humans, too many treats can produce a sour tummy.

What Bella & Lulu love about the Indigo Fresh Dental Floss Bones
1. Perfect size for their little mouths
2. They can hold them easily between their paws
3. They taste and smell delicious (Lulu's the most judgmental, so if it smells good to her, it's good!)

Dog Mom Concern
The only concern I had, was when they were down to the bottom knob. I feared it would get lodged into their throat and cause them to choke. I monitored closely and found that they chewed the end quite easily as it seemed rather soft. In the future, I may just pull this last piece from them to avoid any worry altogether. It's a Mom thing. Don't judge.

All in all, I think Bella and Lulu will give these treats, two paws up! 

To learn more about Petsafe treats, including ingredients and where to buy, I highly recommend you check out the Petsafe site.

And if you have your own opinion about Petsafe, let me know that as well by either commenting below through blogger or by adding your comment to our Shoes Dogs and Chocolate Facebook page.

Xo and two paw stamps this time,

Lisa, Bella and Lulu