March 13, 2015

The Bark Corner :Meet Beri Rose:

The Bark Corner
:Meet Beri Rose:
A 9-month-old Shish Tzu mix from Nutley, New Jersey.
What is she doing?
What any young fashionista would do; showing off her newest accessory and fresh blow out.
Where did she come from?
Originally from Newark, NJ (like her human Mommy), Beri was rescued by the nice people at St. Hubert's Animal Shelter and thankfully didn't stay at the shelter for long, as her human family swooped her up very quickly.
What is she wearing?
The new Baublebar Firecracker collar. For further details, go to ‪#‎baublebar‬ ‪#‎jewelry‬
What's next on her social calendar?
Well, now that all the snow and ice has finally melted on the east coast, Berri will be going for long walks more often and will probably stop by her pal Ace's house down the street to see if he can come out and play. 
What makes her great?
Independent, adventurous and a bit of a tomboy.