March 23, 2015

Runyon Canyon | Hollywood Hills Hike

(Warning: A little silliness, a lot of heart and a bit of mush shared ahead on my recent trip to Runyon Canyon Park, located in the Hollywood Hills of California.)

The weekends are meant for fun! Here's a quick snapshot of me cheesing it up right before the biggest hike I've ever done (so far) in my life.

Upon arrival, there were a few "good mornings," the tap of a cold nose hitting the back of your leg time-to-time from wiggle butts, (read more on Bringfido), and the observation that many people were sticking to the simple path. But being a girl who never colored inside the lines, I thought: "What's fun about that?"
After the smooth highs and lows of the mountain, I decided that hiking the highest peak would be a great idea. What I didn't expect was that after 1 1/2 hours into the hike, that climb towards the  peak, would bring something more physically, spiritually and emotionally.  

I dropped my fears, pushed my body to work and even felt sweat and tears stream down my face once I climbed 75 percent up the mountain. 

I was just proud. Proud of myself, my body, and thankful for the surrounding scene around me.

After composing myself, I forced my boyfriend to climb ahead. He didn't want to go far, so I asked him to just move up about 10 feet. I just needed a moment to myself. And you can see why. I was so high up, and yet I felt at peace. 

The most beautiful hawk floated two feet above my head as I reached the top. I couldn't believe how close he was, but then again, I was the one close to him. I was invading his space and he didn't seem to mind.

I made it. I tackled the highest peak. I was drenched in sweat and appreciation and my heart couldn't be any happier than it was at this moment.

My first hike at Runyon Canyon was definitely worth every step. I look forward to the next time. 

Hiking Concerns: 
This hike is moderate and should only be tackled by those who do not have any ankle, knee or back injuries as you'll need to stabilize yourself over loose rocks and uneven pavement and climb up and down steep hills and rocks.

For More information, or to learn about other hiking areas in the Los Angeles area, check out the  Best Trails List by Discover Los Angeles. 

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