June 18, 2015

:Makeup Talk: Hard Candy Review

This weightless spray is your very last step to setting your makeup.  It's cooling properties were so refreshing.
Once you've applied your foundation, eyeshadow, blush and powder, spritz a few burst 
all over your face to keep your makeup on fleek. 
$6 at Walmart stores

If you've never used a translucent powder before, this will be your favorite go-to item. I absolutely love it! Use it to dust all over your face AFTER you've applied your cream foundation, eyeshadow, bronzer, 
blush, and BEFORE your setting spray. It will give a soft, matte finish that looks airbrushed. 
$6 at Walmart stores

If you're the girl that loves glitter, these are for you! Dazzle your lids, face or body with these pops of color in highly pigmented, loose-powder form. They come in six duo options. 
$6 at Walmart stores

Infused with Kaolin clay for oil absorption and superfine pigments for incredible full coverage, your face will be transformed into a smooth canvas.
$7 at Walmart stores

All HARD CANDY items are exclusively sold at Walmart stores and Walmart Online.
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All images provided by Hard Candy