August 18, 2015


It's about time! Our annual passes have been blocked all summer, so we were excited to spend our Monday at the 'happiest place on earth,' Disneyland! 

Our goal was to get on five rides. Turned out to be more like three. Unless you count the train that goes around the park? In that case, it was four. 

The weather wasn't as bad as we thought it might be with the recent heatwave in SoCal. Although it was hot, there was a breeze, and that made the day much more manageable. 

We worked our way through the crowds, and walked (read: ran) to our first ride of the day. Peterman! They added a few new features (I won't spoil it for you), that we wanted to see. The 45 minute wait wasn't worth the hype of the new features, but they were cute, to say the least, and thankfully didn't pull away from the ride itself. My very first time on the Peter Pan ride, was as a little girl, accompanied by my Father. My memory is so vivid, so having that nostalgia still in tact with the original setting of this ride, is precious to me. 

After a quick blink, the ride was over and we were back from Neverland, and off to Tomorrowland  for some burgers and fries. After that, we decided to switch gears and hop on over to California  Adventures.

My sister suggested we watch the Alladin show. I had never been before, so I was pretty excited. 

After that, we scrambled over to The Little Mermaid, a ride I had never been on. I know! Having an annual pass, you'd think I would have already seen it all, but I haven't! 

Here we are sitting in a seashell; getting ready to go under the sea. Get it? ;) 

Quick, one more picture before bolting back to Dland. 

Next, we jumped on the train that took us to Frontierland where we devoured some fish and chips and mingled with some pirates...

Nuzzled a horse named Finn...

Hitched a ride on Casey Jr.,

Watched a parade, and then went on our merry way. It was a lovely day. Can't wait to go back. 

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