August 9, 2015

The Joyce Meyer Experience

Mama and I had a blast at last weekend's Joyce Meyer seminar. Faith is found everywhere and what an experience Mama and I had that day. The event was held at the Long Beach Arena in Long Beach, California. A location that Joyce Meyer speaks at every couple of years or so. Admission was free, so all we had to do was show up. 

Mama and I got there at 8:15am. Doors opened at 8am. The event wasn't until 10am. Sounds a little overzealous, but if any of you have ever been to the Long Beach Arena, you know that getting there early is important. The stadium was already half-way full by the time we got there, so scrambling for seats was both exciting and quite hilarious. The moment someone got up, someone else slipped into their spot. A quick, assertive decision was mandatory. At last, Mama and I found two floor seats. Whoo hoo!

The introduction bursted with music and praise. "Hallelujah, rejoice in the Lord, I say again, rejoice." 

There was not one person in that auditorium that wasn't either faith-filled, seeking more faith, or going to leave that day feeling without faith. 

You see, Joyce Meyer isn't one of those screaming pastors that make you feel like you're going to go to hell if you don't faint with the 'Word' rolling off your tongue. Instead, she offers testimonies of real life experiences; how pain and reality can make you feel defeated, how there's evil on earth, and how hatred drains us of having a faith filled life. She even explained how the disciples suffered and did plenty of wrong doing before allowing Jesus to show them the true way of living.

 It's not about preaching at someone, but rather lifting them up by being a faith-filled person. And a faith-filled person is made of love. And who doesn't want to feel love, give love or be loved? 

Many people need 'saving,'
 this is true, but let God do that. All we need to do is keep spreading the love.