October 2, 2015

Yosemite & Bass Lake, California

What an amazing week! E and I were so excited for our visit to Yosemite National Park. And the fact that our vacation time would land on the park's 125th Birthday, was just icing on the cake. Get it? ;)

Located just five hours North of Los Angeles, Yosemite is full of waterfalls, meadows, old history of Native Americans and views of glorious trees, rock formations and much more.

Journey along with me as I show you pictures, and share some guided commentary of our trip.

Arrival day consisted of exploring Bass Lake. A local hotspot for tourist during the warmer months, but a rather serene place with minimal hustle and bustle, during off season. 

Day two was full of adventure, as we explored Yosemite Mountain. Located just 20 minutes up highway 41, we stopped at the Pioneer Yosemite History Center, which showcases old bridges, covered wagons and stables to honor those who thought up the National Park Idea. 

To the right of the center is a small general store to grab snacks, use the restroom and fill up on gas, which I recommend doing as there are no other stops along the way. 

The local general store staff is incredibly friendly, humble, and welcoming. Creating conversation with them is easy. Make sure to say, hi! 
Continuing on... We drove another 30 minutes until our second stop, the Sentinel Dome. The hike to the dome is just under two miles. Make sure you have steady shoes and a balanced body frame, otherwise these uneven roads and steep hills may not be for you. 

Do you see the dome? It may look small in this photo, but it was quite large. And if you look close enough, you can see people on top of it. 

...jumping back in our car, we continued another 30 minutes up the mountain to Olmstead Point. Check out that view. 

And now, Glacier Point. Just a five minute drive from Olmstead, Glacier Point has the most spectacular view of Half Dome.
On day three, we drove to Yosemite Valley. Nestled in Curry Village, and the home of some of the most famous tourist spots 
We got out of the car and walked a bit to Yosemite Falls. Unfortunately the drought only allows for the water to flow during early spring and summer, and that's only if there is enough rainfall throughout the year, prior. 
Next up, El Capitan. This beautiful rock formation stands tall and proud as onlookers check out its great heights.
On the drive out of Yosemite Village, we stopped at Tunnel View. Although super windy and chilly, the view was beautiful. 
Before reaching the ground road back to Bass Lake, we met a few deer. 

I named them Bambi, Felene, and Penelope. Don't judge. 

No day was better than the other. They each had their own positive traits and offered gifts in abundance. You definitely don't miss the crazy traffic, 100 degree heat or angry Angeleano drivers on the road when you're hanging out with Mother Nature. 

On our way home, we made a few pit stops in order to linger throughout Northern California just a bit longer. One of them was in Tulare, California. If you're ever in the area, be sure to stop at Apple Annie's. This family style restaurant serves breakfast all day and has a very friendly staff, not to mention the best handmade apple pie you'll ever taste. 
Although we felt the weather heat up further down South on the drive home, we couldn't help but enjoy the easy trails ahead. 
Thank you, California, for being so good to us. We had the most amazing time witnessing one of the greatest National Parks this world has to offer, meeting good people along the way, and cruising the friendly highways that were built so that we can travel the long distance. 

If you ever go to Yosemite or Bass Lake, or have been there recently, please share your favorite spots to visit in the comment section below.  

Want to book a trip? Visit this link for more information. http://www.yosemitethisyear.com 

Happy road tripping!