December 31, 2015

Lush Cosmetics Review

I always wondered about this store, but it wasn't until a month ago that I actually stepped foot into one. I was a bit nervous to parooze the aisles, so I tapped on the shoulder of what turned out to be the friendliest seasonal sales rep possible; her name was Ella. I remembered her name in two ways: one, it was like Bella (duh!) and two, the Ell part reminded me of the character Elle from my favorite movie, Legally Blonde. 

Miss Ella guided me around the store and shared funny anecdotes to clue me in on what each item can do for my skin. Through several giggles, testers and a few stares from on-lookers, I weeded through my ideal choices. My final purchases consisted of two facial masks, one for hydration and the other to clear up acne; two toners, one to also combat acne and oil and the other to rid of toxins, and lastly, a hydration lip balm. 

O-M-G. They are all drops of heaven. The clean scents, all-natural, fresh and vegetarian ingredients, not to mention animal-free testing process made me an instant lover of this cosmetic chain. 

My review is strictly my own and I wasn't paid by any means to do this, I just simply love sharing great beauty products to anyone that will listen. If you ever get the opportunity, stop into a Lush store. Although you may not get a clerk like Ella, I'm sure you'll love the products.

(Photos: @shoesdogsandchocolate)