January 11, 2016

Manicure Monday

I was delighted to get a fresh manicure this week after my ombré nails started  looking a bit weathered. 

I soaked off my acrylics and decided to get a gel manicure. I picked a bright shade of red-pink and asked the nail tech to create this half moon, French look. Of course I couldn't resist adding a bit of sparkle. 

The results...

I love it! 
It's simple yet girly, and has already received much praise from friends and colleagues. 

Since gel normally last between 1-2 weeks, I'll wait this out before I slap on a new set of acrylics which will make my next manicure right on schedule for Valentine's Day! 

Until next time... Have a happy week and let me know what your favorite manicure looks are.