February 3, 2017


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All beauty girls (and guys) understand the fundamentals of playing up your God-given features with a peach hue on the cheeks or red stain on the lips. Heck, we can even redefine our noses and cheek bones with a fierce contour!

But, what if I told you those beauty products we adorn over aren't using cruelty-free ingredients? In fact, 100 million animals are tested and tortured each year for the sake of providing us our favorite date-night looks. This post is not to upset you, but rather provide awareness.

Animal testing dates back to the 1920s and although the history is dark, we can start making adjustments to transition towards a cruelty-free 21st century. In fact, there are over 7,000 safe ingredients cosmetic companies can choose from to create their products. Ingredients that don't need to be tested on animals, as they have already been approved and proven safe.  
To read more on the topic of animal testing, check out the Cruelty Free Kitty . This blogger has in-depth knowledge and facts to back up her statements, and I highly recommend her informative reads.

To shop for great beauty products without the guilt, check out my picks below! With Valentine's coming up, there's no better time to look for some goodies to make you feel and look like a goddess, and you'll be doing some good for little Rupert, also. Just think, the more you spend on products that don't test on animals, the sooner the testing will become obsolete and that's a beautiful thing to look forward to! #squadgoals

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