April 11, 2012

Mid-week Surprises...

Woke up with a little, okay, a lot on my mind today, and while in the midst of all these things traveling around my head, I had to scramble up a game plan to get my tookus out the door in time for work...

So here's what slowed me down...

1. Did I pay my car insurance?
2. Check mail for long awaited packages...
3. All things work-related which I plead not to explain. (There's literally 10 items here!)
4. Take care of my dog.. she's getting older and having some trouble with her arthritis.
5. Make sure to eat healthy.
6. Avoid sugary drinks (woops! Starbucks invite came through some how, and will explain shortly)
7. Work related things.. yes, I mentioned this already, but it came up again.
8. Make a list for all my lists
9. Keep things kosher with negative personnel I'd rather slap across the face with a can of tuna.

Finally. In my car and ready to burn rubber. The excitement reached a max when while driving I got all green lights. What? That never happens. It was sort of fun. I felt like an extra in Fast and the Furious. Here I am thrilling my way down (empty) streets, with little to no pedestrians, slow-poke drivers in front of me, or that gnarly, unpleasant maneuver I must avoid from the crazy driver who normally cuts me off at the fork in the road. (Mind you fella, the next time you think about doing this, pay attention -- I would have let you in had you politely sprinkled glitter on me, called me a Princess and put your blinker on. Jerk).

Needless to say, the day started off okay.

Once at work, I dove right into the threshold of well, all those work items. Crazy upon Crazy starts to swirl and I'm immediately "in the zone."

 Then, something sort of magical happens. While chit-chatting with a fellow blogger and one my dearest and oldest friends from college, she starts asking me how my week is going? (Insert Pandora's box) I start venting on all items in said list above, when a "ding" comes from my computer speaker. I had received an email surprise. A rather email snack if you will, Here it is:

My adorable friend had sent me a baby surprise that changed the course of my entire day. I was immersed with the feeling of joy and love. She had sent me a $5 gift card for Starbucks. It's like she knew I needed a nice little walk to the local store and this was just the ticket. Literally. If you have never seen her blog, check it out: Join The Gossip. This girl is not only a sweetheart, but has an awesome sense of humor. She's got style and class and is very loyal. Love you, Leeann!

For the rest of you out there.... take some time to appreciate someone you care about. Doesn't have to be on a grand scale, but some times a note of love or encouragement of how strong a person is, how resilient, how smart or even how pretty can really go a long way. Trust me when I say I will never forget Leeann's gesture. She didn't have to do more than what she was currently doing for me as a friend, and that was just listening, but forcing me to get out for a bit and walk for a minute was the sweetest reminder of life: Let go of control for a few minutes and pay attention to what makes you happy. She knew what it was for me. I needed some Lisa time to enjoy the California sun, and let me tell you, I came back to work 10 minutes late ready to take on the world. Or at least, that list of lists. :)

Enjoy your day beautiful reader of mine, you deserve to.

Lisa Love