May 26, 2016

Trip to Yosemite

"The world is big 
and I just want to have a good look at it before it gets dark." - John Muir 

...Because nature needs no words, I'm just going to show you pictures of my trip last weekend to Yosemite, Bass Lake and Raymond. Please enjoy. 

(All photos by @shoesdogsandchocolate)

Yosemite is the most beautiful park I've had the pleasure of visiting and the pictures only show a sliver of its majestic meadows, waterfalls and rock formations. If you've never been I suggest you do. Just once. Find Your Park! 


May 4, 2016

Earth Science Naturals Hair Products Review

Press provided samples 

I was so excited to receive my package of Earth Science Naturals! The new ceramide shampoo, now available, was in my hands, and ready to be put to good use! 

I requested the voluminous and fragrance free duos and although had no expectations of the outcome of each set, was pleasantly surprised. 

The Ceramide Complex is plant based and in addition to its incredible scent, the infusion of healthy ingredients made my hair soft and smooth, and let me just share, my colleagues took notice. Bonus tip: I used the conditioner as a shaving cream for my legs and was left with nourished skin that was stub-free and silky to the touch.

The Curl & Frizz Control Shampoo contains Açaí, Passionfruit, and Rice Bran Oils, which add moisture and provide antioxidant protection. The Fragrance free shampoo is gentler and has Golden Barley Protein and Soy to strengthen and hydrate. Uhhh-maaazing!

The full line is safe for color treated hair, sulfate free, vegan, neutral pH for daily use and gluten free. How awesome is that? Additionally, all product and packaging is made in U.S.A, and the bottles contain 80 percent post-consumer recycled content, so not only are you spoiling yourself with great beauty products, you're also doing something good for the Earth. 

If you've never heard of Earth Science Naturals, let me share. They are a family own, natural body care products company that has been in business for over 30 years. They are incredibly savvy, exceptionally smart, responsible with how they create products and product packaging and overall just want to make good stuff that everyone can enjoy. 

I first had the pleasure of meeting Earth Science Naturals when I worked on that fancy-pants health and fitness magazine, and was pleased to engage in conversation with the team again, at this year's Natural Products Expo West.  

If you're in the market to try something new, or just want to switch out your regular shampoo to a more natural option, you'll want to try Earth Science Naturals. In addition to great hair care, they also make a full line of body products you may enjoy. I know I'll be purchasing a few more goodies very soon.