July 18, 2016


It's the start of the work week. I know you're already counting down the days, but be brave, rather fearless, and take on the week with vigor. If all else fails, give a smirk like Lulu does and just think, it could always be worse. 
Happy Monday. 

July 10, 2016

I asked his story, he offered me hope.

Photo cred: Pinterest 

Met a homeless man today while waiting in the drive thru line at Starbucks in Chino, Calif. I watched him for a few minutes before I had to roll my car up closer to the speaker. He sat at the table guarding his belongings. A cup of ice water sat at the table by his left side. I watched him fiddle with his objects just before placing his left hand on his head, while simultaneously bowing it down and releasing a noticeable sigh. 

As I got closer he smiled at me. I smiled back and stared down at his dog. He followed my glance. 

The dog was stunning, and if you know me you know how much I love dogs. I rolled down my window and asked the dog's name, breed and age. The man got up and broke the air with his Australian accent. "His name is Bowen, he's a pit bull mix; he's six-years-old."

I asked the man if he needed some money? He said "yes," and I handed over the $10 from my wallet. Not much but I figured it would help him grab something to eat. The man came close to my window, hunched over and openly shared that he's known as the "lone wolf," and that he had rescued Bowen from a shelter but as it turns out, he's been rescuing him, he said.

The man can't swallow much food or keep food down, as he found out he has early stages of throat and stomach cancer.  He has already lost 40 pounds, he said. I sighed with him. He's hoping a friend of his will come through so he can get help from a doctor, file paper work and get social security, he elaborated. I hurt for him but offered praise for his courage. He has so much hope. The kind of hope that makes you stand back in awe over. Before I left him I asked his name... "Eddie." 

I will be praying for Eddie, for Bowen and many others who I have been so blessed to meet. As we are all feeling some portions of defeat in our lives, please understand your situation as a whole, and know that you matter. We all do, and never give up your hope to any coward, fear or lack of love you encounter, because the good far outweighs the bad, and hope, faith and love are all you need.

July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July

Blasting fireworks, red, white and blue...corn on the cob and breathing in fresh air. I love that I can wander all over the United States because of my founding fathers and my military. Thank you for my freedom. #beyondblessed 
Happy 4th of July!