October 31, 2013

Move along Halloween...nothing to see here

Brace yourself.
You ready?
Here it goes...
I don't like Halloween.
I told you to brace yourself! 
 It's mainly because I'm not a fan of anything that portrays spooks and hocus pocus. I don't like scary movies and I don't like creepy costumes and yelling at strangers to scare the hibbie jibbies out of them. Is that weird? I don't think so.
Now, don't get me wrong, I know that Halloween isn't all about the creepy-crawlers, in fact, I used to love the idea of dressing up like a princess in pink every year, but that all changed when people turned a fun day into an unsafe one.
If I can go back to my days of youth, trust me, I would. Those days were pure bliss. Pumpkin carving with my Dad, getting my makeup done by my Mom and sister Melissa, squeeling in excitement to walk door-to-door with my sister Mandy and all her friends, and pining over the cute neighbor's kids, one dressed up like a pea in a pod and the other snow white, which I aspired to be like the following year. who was I kidding? I was going to be a princess, again.


And although I still enjoy seeing neighboring houses decked out with goons and goblins and the sweet children all excited to fill their bags with candy, knocking on my door while singing the usual chant, I'm pretty okay with dawning my pink tiara and snuggling indoors on the couch with Bella.
Who by the way, was a butterfly in her past life. Oh, and so was my sister Sara, a sum five years ago, while being accompanied by a darling ladybug if I do say so myself.


Happy Halloween! Stay Safe!
Lisa Love 

October 25, 2013

Fall & Knits

Fall & Knits

okay, so I might not be Southern, nor a little bit county, but I am a bit rock 'n' roll. My favorite season is upon us and I am thrilled with the cooler weather we Calis are experiencing and I've brought it upon myself to adorn my outfit with the ultimate blue scarf and proudly stomp around the office in my favorite  pair of Uggs.  And let me just tell you, people (coworkers) are taking notice.
 In fact, one guy complimented my scarf, another mentioned the chilly temperatures and one delighted in the fact that she "couldn't wait to dust off her boots and prepare them for next week's outfit."  So what does that tell you? It tells you that everyone loves the FALL!!!  
Get ready because this season's must have staple is a chunky knit!
Whether it's an awesomely over sized sweater (preferably), a knitted scarf (duh!) or a tribal designed or loosely fitting beanie (of course!) all items are well received.
My favorite pairing:
Like the simple basics of the summer (think white tee with loose fit jeans), a chunky sweater can be just as versatile, but opt for skinny or boot cut jeans in this case, as loose fitting can make you seem like a pile of puddin' and not the delicious looking kind.
Accessorize with what else?
Gold Hoops! small ones, medium ones or large will do. If you're a bit edgy, go for the ones that have wording in them.  Want more elegance? Choose a simple clear/white diamond/rhinestone stud or pearl. This look is sweet and understated to complement a bulky sweater and frame-fitting jeans.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes
Shoes and handbags should be chosen dependent upon your plans for the day AND your style. If you're a relaxed girl who is looking to be laid back, lace up your favorite converse. Got a party-rocker persona? Step into your snakeskin booties. Looking to show off your butt or legs? Slide on your tall boots with the heels. You know which ones I'm talking about you sex-kitten, you.
What about the hair? The make up? The...... guuuurrrrllll, take a deep breath. I'm just helping you with your outfit today, but with the right attitude  you've got the rest under control. I can just feel it in my chilly bones. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and repeat after me. "I am such a bad ass!"  See? instant boom!
Have a cozy rest of your day!
Lisa Love

H&M cotton sweater, $32 / H&M brown cable knit sweater, $24 / 2nd Day outerwear, $325 / Michael Kors loop scarf / Forever 21 pom beanie hat / Forever 21 scarve / Forever 21 scarve / H&M cable knit beanie hat, $11

October 24, 2013

Are you talking to me?

"All learning has an emotional base."-- Plato

In a world of give and receive, it's incredibly important to self proclaim our emotions, as well as learn how to control them. It is also highly important to learn how to understand and respond to the emotions of others. Unless of course, they overstep their boundaries.

Why is proclaiming your emotions so important?
To proclaim ones true self helps a person identify his/her own problems or joys. It allows us to trust what our heart and mind is feeling and relay those feelings to the outside world.

By communicating our emotional state at any current moment, we allow ourselves to truly invest in that state and also send signals to the universe that are necessary to help others give us space, or come closer. In the book, The Secret, a slew of artist, scientist, and philosophers explain the theory that when you proactively live a life of positive thinking, you will attract positive things, and vice versa.

Why is it important to understand and respond appropriately to others proclamations?
If we do not properly listen to the words and emotions being shared by others, we can do one of two things: The first is to interrupt with our need to share and relay things back to ourselves. The second, is to easily misinterpret what the subject is saying and walk ourselves straight into a land mine.

A miscommunication of emotions and feelings can force subject x to burst into an offset of emotions that were carefully tucked away while they were initially expressing something else.

(Important Note: If you are someone who only likes to talk and never listen,  please talk to a wall or face a mirror so you don't feel lonely because the one-way street disorder you have isn't working for anyone else.)

Where was I? Oh  yes, when these land mines occur it can cause unbearable responses by both parties and lead to an intoxicating relationship or at the very least, make for an uncomfortable conversation that ends in silence.

Communication is key to helping us understand one another and so is listening, but expressing is even more vital because without expression you can not communicate your truest desires or heartfelt release.

So.. .isn't yelling a form of expression? The answer is yes, but it's not one anyone wants to listen to, not even the one-way street human,  especially when they are yelling also. So although you would like to throw a temper tantrum towards the person who just interrupted you sorting through feelings, it's better to reel it in and think about your role in the emotional exchange.

You may have been the one to start it, but you also may need to be the listener.  This my friend is what Psychologist refer to as Emotional Intelligence. Look it up, check it out, soak it all in. If you're going to live on this planet, you need to learn how to relate to others. Shutting down and going MIA may help for a bit, and I encourage you to do that from time to time, but ultimately you're going to need to talk to someone and you're going to have to listen.

Okay, BIG HUGS! Have an awesome day!

Lisa Love

October 21, 2013

Recap Monday

It's Monday and the weekend has officially come to a close...actually, it's still lingering as my achy body yearns for sleep, but all I can say is I'm grateful to be alive and share in the goodness that was celebrated.

We kicked off Saturday with a boom! A baby boom. My sister's shower was a hit and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. She literally cried when she came through the doors, again about a minute after that and then cried five more times throughout the shower after that! Whoa. A lot of crying, but when I hugged her to reassure that she was okay, she smiled and burst out deeper sobs. "Are you happy?" I asked her, in which a quick up and down shaking of her head "yes" was all she could render her body to do.

I soaked it all in as she was crying it all out. To see my sister flooding her face with happy tears made all the weeks of planning, stress over details and budgeting so worth it.

Guest poured over the cake, cookies,  activity craft, "Prayer Tree," hand-made banners, mason jars and those they haven't seen in a while. Hugs and cheers came from every corner of the room as a couple dozen women cooed over each item in sight.

Upon arrival guest were given a bead necklace, and put in instant competition with one another, forbidden to say the word "Mandy." If another heard you mutter that word, you  would be asked to give up your beads. Those with the most beads at the end of the designated time slot, would win game #1.

The hoots and hollering went on for hours and stare downs created roaring laughter. The second game of drawing a baby on top of your head had mischievous personalities contemplating strategies, or even hinting the guest-of-honor to dismiss one over the other.

In the end, Mandy's college friend Michelle was the winner!

Along my sister's journey through life, she has had the pleasure of making amazing friends, and my family has adopted them in as our own. Her child hood friends helped in the planning process and added to the party by creating a craft station for designing onesies for soon-to-be baby boy. Clothes pins displayed each guest's creative side.

Oh, and let's not forget to mention the bundles of joy her friends also brought. Each one in a different trimesters. 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Friends who are pregnant together stay together. ;)

All in all, the day was amazing. Full of emotion and gratitude and I couldn't have done any of this without the help of my other lovely sisters and amazing mother.

But now, it's time to kick up my heels and relax... until the  next event. Cheers!

Lisa Love

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October 18, 2013

Sisters, Babies & Blessings

Good Morning Everyone!

Granted your day has probably already begun, and I'm running a bit late on my post, but can we all just take a quick moment and relish in this photo capturing the early a.m. sunrise?

...........................................................(taking my minute)...........................................................

Wow, such captivated beauty. I can stare at this for hours and instantly feel at ease knowing that something so beautiful exist. Oh, and by the way, this is an unfiltered photo, so the proof is in the pudding. God is Great!

This weekend I will be showering my second oldest sister Amanda and soon-to-be arriving nephew with an elegant array of flowers, gifts and onesies anyone has ever seen! For those of you who don't know me, I have three sisters. Two older, and one younger. That's right, I'm slightly off centered from being a true middle child. I have the perks of being younger and still spoiled, but old enough (12-year gap from myself and the youngest) to commit to being an older, wiser sister, who is full of advice and what not to dos.  

That's right, my parents were blessed with four girls.

{Don't feel pity for my Dad, he's a feisty dude who can handle his own. He fits right in with the diva moments, emotional outburst and fridge raids for tubs of ice cream during heartbreaks and romcoms.}

As sisters we have the pleasure of fighting, hugging, crying, laughing and overall bonding together in ways that makes running through life a bit of a breeze. Since there are four of us, there is of course the typical comments of "who are you closer to?" that comes up by strangers and acquaintances. And although we share a blanketed union, we do have our deeper ties with certain sisters that is unparalleled to another. None-the-less, the love and "I would do anything for you," and "mess with her, you'll have to deal with me" statements remain the same across the board.

Amanda, "Mandy" is the second oldest of us girls, and also the second one to be having a baby. She's been trying for several years and with nothing short of a miracle, she has been blessed with her first little bundle. This journey of fear, love and loss, has been an emotional one. What ifs, doctors appointments and sleeping has filled her daily agenda while her heart continues to fill with gratitude.  She's a tough cookie, my sister Mandy. She's a fighter for the most part, but one who has a soft spot for those around her who are mothers. 

Particularly for my sister Melissa, who six years ago blessed my family tremendously with the birth of my first nephew, Andrew Jacob. His legacy will live on forever and he will always be the first born of my sisters, the first grandson, and our entire family's first love. Please read Angel's exist to learn more about Andrew's story and the blessings he continues to bring our family as we continue our journey through life.

In the mix of all the preparation, Mandy has been all over the place, and some in our family are on the same journey with her. Anxious, excited, and just simply can't wait to meet the little dude. Baby nephew #2 will no doubt have a large fan base of followers the moment he says hello. 

(he's already saying it) ;)

Count your Blessings,
Lisa Love

October 17, 2013

When a Girl Needs to Shop!

Date Night

When the weather gets cooler, I enjoy the smell of fireplaces burning, sipping hot cocoa, inhaling crisp air and the cooler vibes displayed on billboards for clothing companies such as H&M, Piperlime and Free People

My usual shopping therapy has currently been on a long hiatus. The culprit? Saving up for MY NEW CAR! (imitating Bob Barker's voice).

 I currently drive a beat up 1996 purple, 2-door sports coupe. Although I love my car with all my heart; I've had it since my first year of college and it's trying to R.I.P. :(

Since then, "shopping has been soooo last season" and I've had to pull from the hind legs of my closet to make my old, worn out threads look new, again.

Along my journey into the thresholds of my closet, I found my favorite pieces and started pairing up my ultimate go-to outfit. Skinny dark jeans, tall brown boots, brown sling bag, long cardigan, infinity scarf and gold accessories. I LOVE wearing gold hoops, so these are a must for me on date night, cold night, hot night, any night or day, actually.

Bad News Strikes Even the Fabulous
While I'd like to think I had a plethora of items to choose from in my divine closet, there was an ultimate price I had come to face. Here are the things I noticed while digging deep into the throws:
1. My clothes are old.
2. My clothes are too big for my body now. I lost weight. (insert squeal)
3. My clothes are old

So to sum it up, I need a wardrobe cleanse. If you, too, need a wardrobe cleanse,  here are my tips to you. Invest, invest, invest. Not in stocks, but in high-quality, name brand boots, jeans, and nice coat.

When you invest correctly, these three items will last for years. Anything cheaper will eventually fall apart, literally. And when you're hanging out with friends, walking around the office, or impressing a cute boy, ripped shoes or toes hanging out from your boots, is not a cute look.

The same thing goes for jeans and a nice coat. When fitted properly (think tailored) to your body, you will have the luxury and comfort of two more solid pieces that will last more than three years, and that's considered forever in the fashion world. Everything else from shirts to camis, accessories and sweaters can be mixed and matched with inexpensive pieces for a glam-squad look that only took your individual stylist (you!) minutes to achieve.

Happy Fall!

Lisa Love

Pull&Bear jacket, $64 / J Brand skinny jeans, $400 / Golden Goose small heel boots / Madewell leather handbag / Forever 21 bangle bracelet / Carolina Bucci gold jewelry / H&M pendant necklace, $11 / Humble Chic circle scarf

October 14, 2013

Weekend Fun

As previously mentioned in my last post, this weekend was going to be a fun-filled extended birthday weekend celebration for my sweetheart, and it didn't disappoint. Staying true to my awesome girlfriend roots, I made sure the Birthday Boy received a "Happy Birthday" button from the friendly people at Dland's Main Street office.

In an effort to emphasize his special day, I too, received a button to honor the fun we were about to venture on while skipping through the crowds of happy tourist in tomorrowland and fantasyland. Okay, so we didn't skip, but the thought of it did entertain my mind for a bit.

Along our journey to find a churro, we were bashed by, bumped into, knocked into, elbowed by and had our toes seemingly close to being run over by the many rows of people and few strollers overlapping our course. It seemed our brilliant idea of going to Disneyland on a Saturday, was also in the minds of others.

The place was packed!

Good thing E thinks quickly on his feet. He shuffled his way to a vendor selling light up swords, fans, buttons, Mickey ears and necklaces galore: "I'll take two of these, please!" as E pointed to the light-up Mickey pumpkin necklaces on the cart. He's such a gentleman. Not only were we wearing matching necklaces, but these bad boys sure did the trick.  The amount of bumping had gone down drastically.

In fact, these necklaces worked so well, people derailed their own beaten path to move out of the way of ours. Others, more specifically children, were so enamored by our light up toys like a fish to sparkly tackle bait, they would stop eating, screaming or hitting their sibling just to stare at the "ooh and ahh" light sequence effect these necklaces displayed. Think Dori, in Finding Nemo.

The night continued with watching an 80s rock band belt out Prince and Rod Stewart songs, followed by stuffing our faces with a huge strawberry ice cream sundae, and finishing with one last captured smile next to a pile of pumpkins.

Here's to one more weekend down in the books!


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October 11, 2013

Friday I'm in Love

Alright, so it's Friday, which means the weekend is here.  And although I'd like to get it started now, I have to wrap up one more hard day of work before I can dive into a fun, 3-day celebratory weekend with my sweetie pie, E. He just turned an invisible number and would like to throw caution to the wind at an all-out rage fest with the likes of Mickey and Minnie.

I know. It sounds like we're five. The truth is however, we just really enjoy the way you can sit on the curb on Main Street (Disney lingo), chomp on a churro, and literally hum "it's a small world after all," as every ethnicity known to mankind walks by you. It's kind of neat, really. I encourage you to try it.

And, let's not forget the occasional sighting of celebrities we notice on this infamous Main Street curb. Nope. Can't forget these awesome peeps. They are the lucky ones afterall. They get to meet US, whether they like it or not!

The story goes like this...

E and I are minding our own business, (remember the churro and humming?) and yapping up a storm about this and that, when one of us starts scaning the crowds until someone shuffles through that we know. (Yes, know.)

We shout out the name of the person we think it is and then look at each other in awe and disbelief. God forbid that character once on TV or Golden Screen is for goodness sakes a real person, who mind you, is now officially startled by all the screeching we're doing, is now showing all sorts of terror from their eyes, all-the-while holding clenching tighter to his or her youngest child. Yep. It's going to be a blast!

Can't wait to celebrate the Big blank blank!

In Other news, it's important that I report to all my dog lover friends, the state and well-being of my sweet Dog-ter, Bella.

In the past few months, Bella was having issue with her, umm... backside. Needless to say, the vet E and I were taking her to didn't seem to solve the problem and the concern grew into a bigger one and my poor little girl was literally having more pain, followed by lowering of her tail, scooting on the carpet and whimpering. (Insert mommy meltdown). 

I may not have a human child just yet, but the love between my dog and I is unlike any other love I've ever known in this entire world, and I paw swore to her that I will do whatever possible to make sure she lives a very long and healthy life.

No ifs, ands, or butts about it. ;)

Light bulb goes off. I was going to get a second opinion! As humans, we have the luxury of seeking medical help immediately whenever we feel slightly ill, but as a dog, you rely on the help of your human parent to help you with this matter, and that's what I intended to do.

For a hot minute I researched all vets in my area, and with the unfortunate annoyances of complaints concerning over nothing serious but the "bad attitude of this snooty receptionist," I decided to move to the next step.

 I was going to text and email every friend in my phone book who adopts the same love for their dog like I do. I got a response quickly from someone I trust very much, and immediately booked an appointment for Bella and I.

After meeting this New Doctor, his staff, and 40 minutes of a nose-to-tail evaluation and then some, I was pleased with his care and process of steps to recovery.

Here's Bella before meeting the New Doc. As you can see, she's not too sure about this.

After much reassurance, and assisting with the comfort of Bella during her full exam, I feel confident in saying we both walked away a bit relieved both physically and emotionally.

Bella has been running around with her tail flapping as fast as a her little heart can pump the last few days and responding to the prescribed treatment plan like a boss.

The diagnosis: An inflamed/irritated colon.
Cause: Uncertain at this time.
Treatment: Shot of cortisone and oral antibiotics for one week.
Followup: One week from original appointment, whether she's feeling good or bad.
Doctor's notes: He would like to take Bella's recovery process step by step. For now, focusing on the backside is concern number one, and will be followed by blood work to make sure her organs are healthy.

Reason for Blood work: Due to past doctor's reports, and my own knowledge and explaining, New Doctor is concerned with her weight loss within the year, and would like to check on her organs and rule out any other internal problems or concerns. Right now, diabetes is on the radar.

Please keep my little angel in your prayers and I'll keep you posted after her second visit.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Lisa Love 

October 7, 2013

Recap Monday

So... this weekend was a total bedazzle fest. On Saturday, I attended a huge charity event, along with my sweetie pie "E," and a few of my work collegues.

The skateboarding demo, silent auction, food indulging extravaganza was put on by none other than the legendary "Bird Man" himself, Mr. Tony Hawk and Tony Hawk Foundation.

In more awesome news --My sweet baby Dog-ter, Bella Spimone just turned 9-years-old yesterday!
From dawn to dusk, we celebrated with a cake (made just for dogs), peanut butter treats, running around at the park, a nice bath afterwards, followed by an even longer nap, and finished with dinner. Ha! She's not spoiled, no way, no how.



Lisa Love

October 4, 2013

Retail Therapy for a Great Cause

Shop For The Cure


October is Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) Month!

Relieve your daily stresses with some retail therapy that supports other women in need of your help! 

According to the American Cancer Society, 1 in 8 (12%) women in the US will develop invasive and non-invasive forms of breast cancer during their lifetime.
1 in 8! That's you, me, and a few of our close relatives and friends. In my family, we have been hit twice by this leading cancer affecting and killing women of all ages.
My mother and my grandmother were diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in their later life, and although recovering from it, the enormous weight it places on their heart and the hearts of those who love them can outweigh an elephant.
 If you or someone you love is fighting breast cancer, my prayers and thoughts are with you. Nothing compares to a family in need and bonding through prayer.
PLEASE do what ever you can to be properly screened and get your mammogram done. This disease does not discriminate, and can affect women as young as 23 years of age and older.  Take proper precautions and do self breast exams to detect early warning signs. Consult your family doctor to learn more about this.

"Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women, exceeded only by lung cancer. The chance that breast cancer will be responsible for a woman's death is about 1 in 36 (about 3%)," as stated by Cancer.org.
There are many reputable sources out there to learn more about this disease and I encourage you to do some research. If you would like to make a direct donation, share your story or share about someone else's however, please click onto the Susan G. Komen foundation's website by clicking here.

Save the Boobies!

Xo Lisa

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October 1, 2013

Booties Rockin' Everywhere

Booties Rockin' Everywhere

Happy first day of October! The weather is starting to get chilly and we all know what that means.... Booty Booty Booty Booty Booty, Rockin' Everywhere!
I'm talking about the creative and chic alternative to the wedge and closed-toe flats. The booty shoe is a cut off version of your classic knee-high boots. Most booties will cut off at the ankle or just above it to premiere a clean bohemian look or classy sex kitten appearance, depending on the length and size of the heel.
Here's a sneak peak into my personal style, but you can go with whatever floats your boat. Just be creative and versatile. Black is a basic staple every one should have, but try grabbing a pair with gold hardware such as a zipper or studs and a tall skinny heel to sex it up a bit. This type of style can be worn with a mini dress, or fishnet stockings to add oomph. Just be weary of the size of the fishnet stockings. You want to keep it classy, not cheeky... (wink wink).
If you're a bit daring, choose a booty in a bright color. Since the booty is shorter, the amount of color material is minimal, and when added with a monotone outfit in black or white, the bright color will offset the outfit by adding just enough  pop, versus smack you in the face and knock you over with it.
Looking for a simple understated look? Go for a sheen leather in tan or black with a brown underbelly and heel. This look is casual and can pull a casual work outfit together, or take you to a fun day-cation with rocker style.