November 30, 2015

Manicure Monday

It's manicure Monday and I couldn't wait to share my new nails! Eek! 

Ready? Here they are! 

This fun ombré style was done by my very wonderful and talented nail artist, Ken. He works so fast with his brush, it's truly so much fun to go in for a manicure, fill, or new set. 

To create this look, Ken mixed two different acrylic powders to create an ombré effect of white to pink. Or, pink to white. This pretty set is right on trend with the fall nail look and I absolutely love it! 

Ask your nail artist for this style the next time you visit the salon. The sky is the limit, so have fun. 

November 28, 2015

A Grateful Heart

If I was born anywhere else in the world, would I be just as grateful for my life as I am today? As my thoughts prepped for Thanksgiving, the rush of Black Friday, and the events that will follow, I kept thinking of that question. 

In the recent weeks passed, terrorist killed several innocent lives in Paris, but the impact of these actions and losses affected many throughout the world. Peace and Prayer petitions quickly went viral on social media. Many spoke about their recent visit to France and Paris and those who lost someone. In a common thread of prevailing hope and strength, media post spoke about the bond of good, and how it will always be greater than evil. 

(Photo: @Shoesdogsandchocolate) 

In nearly half of deaths (45%) in children under five, poor nutrition is to blame. That's an estimating 3.1 million children each year, according to the World Food Programee (WFP). If you are throwing a lot of food away, think of adding less to your plate before you waste it. Think of how those leftovers you toss out nonchalantly could be a day's worth of food to one child. 
(Photo: @Shoesdogsandchocolate)

Many of us are doing ok, we're getting by. Could things be better? Sure, they can always be better, but if we were without shoes as states '1.2 billion people in the world live in extreme poverty (less than one dollar a day)' are, would we think differently about our situation? Many parasites enter the soles of the feet, and without shoes to cover the steps you take, you are susceptible to many illness or disease. Be grateful for those worn out sandals or broken down running shoes. Perhaps donate them to a local shoe and clothes drive before taking them to the dumpster. 
(Photo: @Shoesdogsandchocolate) 

As Christmas, Hannukah, and the New Year celebrations approach, we will get swept up in the holiday cyclone, elbowing strangers in tight shopping quarters, singing jingle bells and wishing for health, wealth and good cheer and this post you have read will be a thing of the past. Don't let it be. Every day people need people, and hope needs hope. Be of good faith and be bold in your motivations. 

Give food to a stranger, hold the door for someone you don't know and take it easy. Everyone is looking for happiness, some times it starts in a small gesture of giving thanks. 

November 15, 2015

Hiking in Hollywood

Another great hike marked off in the books. E and I worked our way through Runyon Canyon for the second time this year, and it was just as intense as the first. The breathing tempo started out great and my heart rate monitor was just fine until steep hills, slippery rocks and down hill trails had it beeping off the chart and my breath shallowing. It was awesome! 

The park's policy allows dogs, which makes for some cute, first introductions along your excursion. Hill tops and side roads give you a great view of the city skyline and offers the perfect backdrop for photo opps. 

If you have bad knees or back, a heart condition or asthma, I would recommend sitting this one out. But if you do go on this hike, bring plenty of water and, you know what else? Relax from time to time and soak in the view.

November 12, 2015

Just a day at the park

Bella, Lulu and I have been spending a lot of extra time together, outdoors. In our small town, we have the luxury of exploring three parks. A much appreciated array of options when the hustle and bustle of life becomes too much, and a long walk or a gazing view under a tree, can be just the ticket for pure relaxation. Two out of the three parks however, are usually loaded with foot traffic as adults accompany young children or other dogs, which usually go unleashed to roam the premises, and if Bella isn't in the mood for a meet and greet, it can cut our outings short.

Did I tell you Bella was feisty? Today she was called an Alpha female. "Yep, just like her mother," I added to the conversation with a friendly stranger visiting the park with his maltipoo, "Rambo".

Only after asking the dog owner if it was OK, did I let Bella off the leash to explore the area that was Rambo. The sweet little guy could have be an agility trainer, as he bobbed and weaved from Bella's temper tantrums. After a few how do you dos and don'ts from the pups and conversations of dogs ended, Bella, Lulu, Rambo, the stranger and myself parted ways and Bella and Lulu did as they do best and took over the rest of the park.

They win. 

November 10, 2015

It's just a cup

I love the festive "red cup season," courtesy of a well known coffee chain. It makes me excited for all the joys and loveliness that is fast approaching: The smell of fireplaces burning, peppermint flavored chocolates, spiced apple cider, gorging on pumpkin pie and ginger bread cookies and hanging out with family and friends, all while giving thanks for our lives, health and each other. 

So, since when does a red cup represent Jesus? Last I recall, Jesus represents himself, and everything this world revolves around and needs, love.  

#praisegod #itsjustacup #findanothertrendtohateon

Fall Flannel

I just love the crisp, chilly weather. It's finally feeling like fall in California, and I'm feeling inspired!
Earthy tones are always a hit with mother nature as your backdrop.
Look structured, yet, easy going in this collaboration of leather and hardware pieces over a simple,
button down flannel dress.

Fall Flannel